Wednesday 11th July 1917

It was a fine day. I was cutting firewood in the morning, in the afternoon I went down to the village to get some meat.

Willie was breaking stone out of the hill and carrying it down to put in the back yard.


Tuesday 10th July 1917

It was very fine in the morning. I was pulling tea tree the other side of the hill.

Willie & Dave were cutting tea tree for their charcoal Kiln.

There was a scripture exam in the Hall in the afternoon of 6 pupils of the Bible Class under the auspices of the Auckland Sunday School Union. Grace was the

It came on to rain late in the afternoon and kept on all evening.


Monday 9th July 1917

It was a fine day. Willie & Dave were cutting wood for another charcoal Kiln.

I was working the other side of the hill pulling tea tree and carrying wood off to cut up into firewood.


Sunday 8th July 1917

There were two showers during the day, otherwise it was fine between. Revd Southern conducted service in the the Hall in the afternoon, I attended, afterwards I went up to Charlie Wyatts for tea, they showed me a lot of photos & curios that Eddie had sent from Egypt.


Saturday 7th July 1917

It was a fine day.

Willie went down to the wharf in the morning to send away the charcoal (57 sacks) he staid down there fishing but only brought home a few small ones.

I was the other side of the hill, pulling up tea tree and carrying home firewood. It rained in the evening.


Friday 6th July 1917

It was a fine day.

Willie & Dave carted their charcoal down to the wharf. I got several loads of wood. Went down to the village in the morning to get the mail. In the evening there was a Roll of Honour dance in the Hall in the evening. I went and was playing Five Hundred all evening.

It rained very heavy while we were in the Hall.


Wednesday 4th July 1917

It was a fine day. Wind from NW. Willie hauled the bedsteds & bedding down to the wharf that I am sending to Minne & Jane.

I went down to meet the steamer, it was the “Kotiti” and she did not arrive until 5pm taking 7 hours to do the trip. Mr Glass came up by her bringing sacks for the charcoal and Willie took the sulky down and brought them up. I wrote a letter to Mr Wallace and posted it this afternoon.


Tuesday 3rd July 1917

It was a fine day.

Willie was working at the charcoal in the morning and in the afternoon he & Grace went fishing down to the wharf, but they only caught a few sprats, Willie hauled down his clothes props & some bedding I am sending Minnie and Jane.


Monday 2nd July 1917

It was fine in the morning but a few showers in the afternoon. Willie was sacking up his charcoal. I was pulling up tea tree the other side of the hill.

Jessie Wyatt & Jessie Matheson came to play with Redmond and staid for tea.