Sunday 20th May 1917

It was blowing pretty strong and there were a few showers.

Revd Macdonald celebrated communion at 8 am. I attended, there were present 5 collection 4/- There was also service at 7pm which I also attended. Collection 8/4. Mc gave us a very good sermon.


Saturday 19th May 1917

It was a fine day.

In the afternoon I went down to the Church to fix up the lamps for the session tomorrow night. Revd Macdonald called late in the afternoon and had tea here.


Friday 18th May 1917

It was a very fine day. In the morning I went down for the mail. Afterwards went to see Willie & Dave who have just lighted their charcoal pit also to see Arthur Greenwood ploughing. In the evening there was a welcome to Willie Knaggs who has returned from the war wounded, I attended, someone from nearly every house were there, the ladies provided a sumptuous supper. I played 500 on the stage, we spent a very pleasant evening.

Thursday 17th May 1917

It was a very fine day. In the morning I was cleaning away the packing that was round the furniture that and burned all the paper, carried some cut firewood from the farm.

In the afternoon went down in the front paddock to see the ploughing that Arthur Greenwood is doing there.

Wednesday 16th May 1917

It was fine in the morning. In the afternoon Willie took the catamaran down to the steamer with some butter, I also walked down, I sent the apples I brought from Tangihanga to Mr Morrison to get named.

The Kawau brought the furniture I bought in Auckland and Willie hauled it up. The was a heavy shower of rain when we were coming up.

Monday 14th May 1917

It was a showery day. Willie was cutting clothes props as Dave did not come to burn charcoal. I got some wood and went over to see Willie. In the evening there was a meeting in the Hall to see about erecting a Roll of Honour for the boys who have gone from the front from this district, Willie & I attended.

Saturday 12th May 1917

The wind has changed to the east and the sea is getting up, so I got home just in time. In the morning I went down to the store & post office calling in at Charlie Wyatt’s on my way home. Willie & Dave Glass are burning charcoal in the barley paddock.