Monday 9th April 1917

There was a misty rain in the morning, but the clouds lifted and it cleared up.

Jack & Ken Pearson went out mustering. I returned to Tangihanga after lunch arriving there about 3.30.

Henry & Fred were out mustering and came home late.

Sunday 8th April 1917 Easter Sunday

It was misty first thing in the morning but afterwards it cleared up. After breakfast Connolly rode down to Bristows for the mail that Mr O’Regan left there. I was going up to Mr O’Regans to spend the day, but heard that they were going out so I rode over to Ahomatariki with Fred who was going over to get some clothes he had left there, Fred returned to Tangihanga but I staid at Jack’s place the night.

It came on a misty rain in the evening.

Saturday 7th April 1917

It was a fine day. Henry & Fred were mustering sheep. I finished digging the piece of ground between the carrots and cabbages, also planted another row of Silver Beet next the hedge also 3 Cabbages.

Friday 6th April 1917

It was a very fine day. Jack and the young fellow (Pearson) went back to Ahomatariki in the morning, they had a pack horse to carry the two boxes of apples and the young fellow’s swag.

They were shearing wooly sheep in the shed, and they put them out in the afternoon.

I was digging in the garden all day.

Thursday 5th April 1917

It was a fine day, ‘tho dull. It came on a misty rain late in the pm. They made the final picking of the sheep in the morning, Mr Hay and a Maori assistant came to drive them down to Tokomaru Freezing Works, they had lunch here and then started away with them afterwards.

Jack sent sheep 166
Henry sheep & lambs 578
O’Regan 102
Halliwell 101


In the afternoon Jack took a pack horse over to Pembertons and brought home two Kerosene boxes of apples.

I was working in the garden, I planted 20 Cabbage plants and 2 Rows Silver Beet.

Tuesday 3rd April 1917

It was a very fine day. The men got up early had an early breakfast and started off mustering at daylight. After mustering the sheep Henry & Fred came home leaving Jack to bring the sheep in by himself. The remainder of the day they were picking the sheep. Fred rode down to Te Araroa to meet a young fellow named Pearson who arrived last night by the “Mako”. Fred brought him up here, but he is come to work for Jack.

Bristow carted the remainder of his wool away to day.

Monday 2nd April 1917

It was a very fine day. Jack came over in the morning and all the men went out mustering and brought home a big flock of sheep.

In the afternoon they were picking out sheep and lambs to send to the Freezing Company.


Sunday 1st April 1917

It rained nearly all day and a gale of wind was blowing. I intended to take a ride up to O’Regans but was prevented on account of the weather. Henry had some sheep penned up in a yard at Pembertons so he had to go in the rain in the afternoon to put them out.