Monday 30th April 1917

It rained last night and a little early this morning, but it turned out a very fine day.

Mr & Mrs Conolly & Lily drove to Mr Halliwells to spend the day. Jack & Fred were at the back, mending fences and mustering sheep.

Only Ken Pearson & I were left at home. In the morning I husked all the Maize that had been brought home & in the afternoon I went and improved the road out of the creek going to the back.


Sunday 29th April 1917

There was a slight shower in the morning but it turned out a fine day. Henry who has been called up in the ballot started to ride down to Gisborne to present himself to the Medical Board next Tuesday May 1st, before going he made me a present of a cheque for £20 – as most likely I shall be away before he gets back.

Jack went over to Ahomatariki to see how the men are getting on.

I rode down to Mr Halliwells to spent the day and spent a very pleasant time, they have been very kind to me since I have been here.


Saturday 28th April 1917

It looked threatening in the morning but it turned out a fine day. John, Henry & Fred went to the back mending fences. Conolly went to the cultivation to dig potatoes, he brought home a load of maize on a pack horse.

Lily was bottling quinces and in the pm she helped me husk maize.


Friday 27th April 1917

It rained last night and was misty to day but there was no rain to speak of. Jack, Fred & Ken went to the back, but Ken came home in the middle of the day with a sprained ankle. Lily was bottling Quinces.

Henry took the buggy horses down to Te Araroa to fetch the buggy home. He arrived here about 9pm bringing flour, sugar & e and the mail.


Thursday 26th April 1917

It was a fine day with the exception of some misty rain in the afternoon and rain in the evening. Conolly took a pack horse over to the cultivation and brought home a load of Potatoes, Henry & Fred went to the back to mend a fence, Jack, Lily and Ken Pearson came over from Ahomatarakiki, Jack & Ken after lunch went to the back to help the other fence. In the morning I was in the river trying to divert the water into one channel. In the afternoon I walked over to the cultivation & improved the road.


Wednesday 25th April 1917

It rained heavily last night and nearly all morning, the river is rising.

Henry returned late in the afternoon on horseback leaving the buggy at Te Araroa as the river was too high in flood.


Tuesday 24th April 1917

Misty showers all day. Conolly & Fred went over to the cultivation to dig Potatoes and they brought some home with them.

Henry drove down to Te Araroa to get some flour and sugar intending to return in the evening, but he rang up to say he was not coming.


Monday 23rd April 1917

There was slight misty rain all day. In the morning Henry & Fred were shearing some wooly sheep, in the pm they altered and branded a young bull. Conolly was snigging fire wood.

I improved the track up from the creek.


Sunday 22nd April 1917

It was a very fine day. Jack & Alf Essex came over in the morning bringing a pack horse, they went over to Pembertons and got a load of apples, they called in here for afternoon tea and then they went home. Henry returned from Te Araroa in the evening.