Sunday 11th March 1917

Henry & I rode over to Jack’s place in the morning arriving there at 10am. Jack, Henry & the shepherd went out mustering and brought in a mob of sheep in the evening, they took some sheep that were in a paddock down to Metcalfe’s shed as Jack is shearing his sheep there on account of the engine being damaged by the flood.

Saturday 10th March 1917

After breakfast and feeding the fowls & pig I went in search of the cows and I found them outside the fence near Bristows, brought them home and milked them, they gave a lot of milk. Henry came home at 4pm and wanted me to return with him to Jack’s place this evening, but it came on showery so we staid the night at Tangihanga.


Friday 9th March 1917

It was a very fine day.

George Worthington cleared out with his swag after lunch in a huff because I told him that the boss would not be satisfied with the work he had done while he was away, he was fixing up the boundary fence of the cow paddock. I hunted for the cows in the evening to milk them but could not find them, so they had to go unmilked.

Thursday 8th March 1917

Heavy showers all day. George was not able to do anything outside besides milking the cows morning & evening.

Millie Kirwell rung me up from Te Araroa where she is waiting to go up to Auckland but the “Maku” which is expected in at noon to day, she said that Carpenter was also at Te Araroa waiting to go away, he was turned down for active service, but passed for home service.

Tuesday 6th March 1917

I intended to go to Mr Halliwell’s to day and had made all arrangements for doing so, but just as I was going to start there was a long shower of rain, so I rang up Mrs Halliwell to tell her I was not coming, but afterwards it came on so fine that I started at 10.30 am.

I found Mr H & Mr Davies and a man ploughing out and picking up potatoes in a paddock near the house, I had lunch there, Mrs H. lent me some books to read and then I started to Tangihanga reaching there at 5pm.

Jack Johnson came with a pack horse and took his luggage way.


Monday 5th March 1917

The day was fine but there were some heavy showers towards evening. Mr Bristow dipped his sheep here to day. Jack Johnson left Henry’s employ to day and is going to work at Te Hui (Metcalfe’s other station). George was fencing. Henry went over to Jack’s place in the morning to help Jack muster sheep for shearing, he took a pack horse, camping woolpacks, spare clothes, butter and quinces.


Sunday 4th March 1917

It was a very fine day. Henry finished paring the sheeps feet in the morning, in the afternoon he rode down the road to look for the horses that gave him the slip the other night. Jack and George took a walk down the road in the afternoon.

Mr Bristow came up to turn the water into the dip as he is going to dip his sheep here tomorrow.

Saturday 3rd March 1917

It was a fine, but cloudy day. In the morning Henry and Jack fixed up the telephone line so that he could ring up Jack on the other station.

In the afternoon Henry got in some rams to pare their feet for foot rot.


Friday 2nd March 1917

It was a showery day. Henry was riding all round the country looking for the horses but he returned late in the evening without them.

The men were repairing the telephone line.