Tuesday 20th March 1917

A very fine day, very hot in the middle of the day.

Connoly was fixing up the cow paddock fence, I was digging out stones in the garden near the orange tree.

Henry is away at Ahomatariki mustering.

Monday 19th March 1917

It was a very fine day. In the morning Henry was making out the shearers accounts. In the pm he took Jack’s new Rams over to Ahomatariki.

I was digging out stones in the garden.


Sunday 18th March 1917

It was a very fine day. Henry took the rams to the back and put them to the ewes in the different paddocks, he did not get home until after dark. In the afternoon I walked out to the cultivation.

Friday 16th March 1917

It was a fine day. I milked the cows morning and evening and was expecting Henry & the married couple all day but they did not turn up until 8pm.

The couple are named Connely and seem very nice people, the reason of their late arrival was an accident to the buggy at Halliwells gate, the coinkers? of one of the horses fell off and it started away and overturned the buggy injuring it somewhat.


Thursday 15th March 1917

It was a fine day. The “Mako” is expected to arrive at Te Araroa from Acukland to day and Henry is expecting a married couple up by her, so Henry & I returned to Tangihanga in the morning and after lunch Henry went down to Te Araroa to meet the married couple.

Jimmy Hayes brought a flock of sheep here to dip them.

Henry rang me up in the evening to say that the “Mako” had only just arrived and that he would not be coming home to night.


Monday 12th March 1917

It was a very fine day. The shearers did not come, so Jack’s sheep are still in Metcalfe’s shed, Jack, Henry and Fred brought some sheep in from the back. In the afternoon they were drafting and in the evening they took a mob of lambs to the back. Mr Roberts was here for lunch, he came to fix up the oil engine that was damaged by the flood. I was helping Lily all day.