Wednesday 7th February 1917

It was a very fine day. Bill Schneideman who has bought Thomas’ dogs took them away after breakfast, Thomas went part of the way with him.

I was working in the garden all day, I dug round the Ric Melons and the Tomatoes. Paddy shot a young pig.


Tuesday 6th February 1917

It was a very fine day. Jack and Thomas went and fixed up the telephone line that was broken this side of Metcalf’s and in the afternoon he went over to Tahngihanga. I sowed 2 rows of Garden Swede Turnips. Bill Schneiderman came over late in the evening to buy Thomas’ dogs.


Monday 5th February 1917

The wind has changed to the W and the mist has cleared away and we were hoping it was going to be fine weather but it came over showery which continued all day. The river is still very big. There must have something happened to the telephone line as we could get no communication even with Metcalfs.

I sowed a row of Yorkshire Hero Peas where the potatoes came out and a short row of Peerlers Peas (Suttons) near the house. Jack came from Tangihanga in the evening.


Sunday 4th February 1917

It poured with rain last night and all this morning, and the river is in high flood and I am afraid great damage will be done to the road. It was finer in the afternoon, but mist was hanging about the hills and think this rain is not all over.

I was reading Dombey & son all day.

Saturday 3rd February 1917

It rained all day without any intermission. Was not able to do anything outside.

Jack went down to the Marangairoa sale yards near Te Araroa where a sale of stock was to be held by the Tokomaru Farmers Cooperative Co, Jack was going to return to Tangihanga where Lily is.


Friday 2nd February 1917

Very showery in the morning but finer spells of fine in the afternoon.

In the morning a wrote a letter to Mr Wallace. In the afternoon I was digging out stones where the potatoes came out. Jack returned from Tangihanga late in the afternoon, he reported that the Phipps’ had left this morning, Carpenter  driving them down to Te Araroa. Lily and Henry were bottling Nectarines.