Saturday 17th February 1917

It was a very hot day. Carpenter went down to Te Araroa with the waggon and 8 bales of wool. Bill Schneiderman left here after lunch, he is going down to Cape Runaway.

Henry dipped some Rams and then put them out.

The married couple (Corbett) and 4 men came up in the waggon from Te Araroa having arrived by the Kahu at 6am.  Two of the men are for Jack.

I was busy clearing up and cooking. I had to supply dinner for 9 persons.


Friday 16th February 1917

It was a very hot day. Carpenter took the waggon with 8 bales of wool down to Te Araroa returning in the evening.

Henry & Bill were mustering sheep. I weeded the Onion bed and tied up some Tomatoes.

In the evening we heard that the SS Kahu in Te Araroa from Auckland tomorrow and that a married couple for Henry were coming by her.


Thursday 15th February 1917

It was a fine day. Henry and Bill were mustering sheep and cattle. I churned butter. Carpenter did not return from Te Araroa with the waggon until the evening, he and Henry loaded up the waggon after tea to be ready for an early start tomorrow morning.


Wednesday 14th February 1917

It was raining first thing in the morning, but it cleared up about 7am and turned out a fine day.

Carpenter took the waggon with 8 bales of wool down to Te Araroa, we heard in the evening that the waggon got stuck in a bog hole just below Mr Halliwells, one of the hind wheels sticking up to the axle. With help they had to unload to get it out and then load again, this caused a delay of three hours, so Carpenter did not get home to night.

Jack called here in the morning, had lunch and then started for Te Araroa but overtaking Carpenter where he was stuck, he helped him, so being delayed he turned back home again.


Monday 12th February 1917

It was very fine during the day but it rained in the evening.

The shearers finished shearing to day and Jack returned to his place.

Carpenter took 6 bales of Wool in the dray down to Te Araroa and returned late in the evening.

Sunday 11th February 1917

It was a fine day.

Jack and Lily returned from Tangihanga in the morning and after lunch Jack returned to Tangihanga, I returned with him. The Phipps’ had left in my absence. I found my garden very dry and full of weeds. Ted Pierce and Lew had tea here besides the regular men that are employed here.