Tuesday 9th January 1917

There was a pretty heavy shower in the morning otherwise it was a very nice day. Jack finished fixing the new shearing machine in the morning and then they went home. Henry, the drovers and our men all went out mustering and they brought home in the evening a mob of lamb and sheep.

I was digging out stones out in the garden.

Monday 8th January 1917

It was a fine day. Bristow started shearing to day, Jack & Lily rode over here in the morning, Jack came to fix the new shearing machine.

Ted Pearce & Duncan Brooking (drovers) came to muster the lambs to pick out the fat ones to send to the freezing works.

I weeded the onions.


Sunday 7th January 1917

It was a fine day. I rode back to Tangihanga in the morning arriving there at 1.30pm. Carpenter returned in the evening, Henry had driven down to Te Araroa to get the new shearing machine. He returned in the evening bringing the mail. Henry Bristow brought a lot of his sheep into their yards as they are going to shear here tomorrow.


Saturday 6th January 1917

It was a fine day. The men floated all the posts down the river & hauled them out the river on to a bank near the wool shed, there posts are to be carted round to Tangihanga to erect a cattle yard. Having finished this work Henry & Bill returned to Tangihanga in the evening leading Rock with them. Carpenter & I staid the night.

Friday 5th January 1917

It was a fine day. Carpenter came over from the other place early in the morning bringing the draft horse “Rock”. He reports a big fresh in the other river and part of the road crashed away. With Rock & Star they hauled the remainder of the stockyard posts out of the bush and put them into the river, afterwards they started floating them down. Jack & Thomas were clearing the river bed, I worked in the garden.