Wednesday 31st January 1917

It was showery all day not a quarter of an hour fine between the showers. I was unable to work in the garden on account of the weather. We heard through the phone from Tangihanga that the shearers had gone home.


Tuesday 30th January 1917

Showers all day, not half and hour between them. Pat packed up from the wool-shed two loads of sheep manure. Thomas & Sid Hooper were mending a fence. I did nothing out of doors, but wrote a letter and directed a Weekly News to my brother Henry and my son Willie.

Monday 29th January 1917

The weather was not so bad in the morning, but very showery in the afternoon.

Jack was mustering cattle in the morning and in the afternoon Jack & Lily rode to Tangihanga taking a pack horse with some empty boxes.

I was doing up Lily’s flower garden. I planted some bulbs & sowed a quantity of flower seeds.


Wednesday 24th January 1917

It was a fine day. Jack and Pat went to Tangihanga in the morning taking two pack horses. Jack staid there to help them in the shearing, but Pat returned in the evening bringing the pack horses loaded with boxes of Burbank plums & preserving jars. I was preparing a piece of ground where the potatoes were dug out for beans, I dug out a quantity of stones.


Tuesday 23rd January 1917

It cleared up to day. The river was in flood and has done much damage in washing away portions of the road, one, Jack’s outlet at the wool shed. The men were erecting a fence to enclose a small paddock below the house, everything is very wet in the garden, I was not able to do much.