Thursday 21st December 1916

A steady rain all day. I staid in the house and directed several Xmas & New Year Cards and wrote long letters to Willie Dunning & Mr Grundiop and enclosed them with their cards.

Carpenter took the waggon down to Te Araroa with 8 bales of wool, he reports the roads very heavy.


Wednesday 20th December 1916

It was a fine day. Jack & Thomas brought some steers from the other place which they put at the back. They both had lunch here & Jack stayed tea. Mr Phipps & Billey were fencing, Henry & Carpenter packing the wool on the wagon ready for tomorrow.

I was working in the garden, I planted out 54 Plants of Onions & sowed 5 short rows of Red Beet.


Tuesday 19th December 1916

It was a very fine day. Carpenter took the first load of 8 Bales of Wool in the wagon down to Te Araroa. Henry & I also drove down in the buggy. We had dinner & tea at the Hotel, called at Mrs Hansons and had a look in at the new Church. I called on Mr & Mrs Whitehead and had afternoon tea there, Mr W. showed me the school and childrens gardens.

Henry had a lot of business to transact and I did some shopping. As 6 of the horses had to be shod we could not leave very early, we did not get home till 10.30pm.


Monday 18th December 1916

It was a very hot day. I sowed 1 Row of Carrots & 2 Rows of Parsnips.

Mr Phipps & Willie were fencing at the back, Carpenter took the waggon up to the wool shed ready for loading and afterwards cleared the river bed down to Halliwells. Henry went down to Bristow to get some sheep.


Sunday 17th December 1916

It was a very fine day. Carpenter went over to Ahomatariki to get some draft horses to cart wool and Henry went to Pembertons to get horses and two black bulls.

Lew came with young Downey to get his clothes and they staid for lunch. I staid at home and wrote a letter to Grace and enclosed it in the one I wrote to Willie while I was at Jack’s place.


Friday 15th December 1916

It was a very hot day. The men mustered a lot of cattle in the cow yard, there must have been quite 200, they branded over 43 calves, they did not get finished until nearly dark. I was working in the garden, I sowed 2 rows of Pale Dun Beans next to the others.


Thursday 14th December 1916

It was a fine day. It came over cloudy and seemed as if it was going to rain, and I think it was raining in the other valley. The men were mustering cattle at the back. I finished forking over the piece of ground next the sown carrots, I sowed another row of Red Beet and dug up between the first planted Tomatoes.


Wednesday 13th December 1916

It was a fine day. I returned to Tangihanga by myself and did not get lost this time, arriving here nearly 11am. The men were repairing fences at the back, Lew Schneiderman had left Henry’s employ while I was away, he is now working at McWhites. In the afternoon I forked over a piece of ground next the sown carrots.


Tuesday 12th December 1916

It was fine in the morning but there was a shower in the afternoon. Somers went down to Te Araroa with a pack horse to get some goods, he returned late at night bringing the mail.

Jack and Thomas were mustering cattle. I was forking out sorrel in the garden.