Sunday 31st December 1916

It was a fine day. In the morning they castrated the little chestnut stallion. On account of Henry feeling severe pains in his back he rode down to Te Araroa to consult the doctor. He brought Jack’s mail back with him.

In the afternoon I walked up the hill to see the lake.

Jack & Lily rode round the station.


Saturday 30th December 1916

It was a fine day. Henry, Millie, Bill Shneideman & I rode over to Jack’s place in the morning leading the stallion Star, after lunch Henry & Bill took Star down to the river & snigged out of the bush and put into the river 14 stockyard posts. Afterwards they started to float them. I was weeding Jack’s onions.


Friday 29th December 1916

It was a fine day, with the exception of one or two slight showers. Tommy Tart was mustering his sheep in Henrys yard at Pembertons so Henry went over there to see if there were any of his there. Billey was planting maize, Mr Phipps was cleaning the Kumeras.

I rode down to Halliwells to get him to post some letters for me, I stuck the Stratagem Peas & dug between them.


Thursday 28th December 1916

There were several smart showers during the day. Henry & Milley rode over to Pembertons with a pack horse and brought home a lot of Xmas plums.

Billey was planting maize in the cultivation, Mr Phipps was cutting logs for snigging. I was getting pea sticks & digging out stones.

Tuesday 26th December 1916 Boxing Day

It kept fine although it threatened rain. There were sports at Te Araroa to day, the proceeds to go to the Belgium Fund. Henry, Lily & Milley drove in the buggey, Jack & I riding, when about a mile down the river from Jack’s place the pole of the buggy broke and it had to be fixed up with a Wicker & wire which considerably delayed us. I only went down as far as the letter box and then from there I walked home. The others proceeded on to Te Araroa. Jack & Lily rode to their home and Milley came with Henry in the buggey. They did not reach here until 8pm.


Monday 25th December 1916

It was a fine day. Carpenter came from Te Araroa late last night bringing Mr Jones with him. He is in charge of the shed on the wharf. Henry & I drove to Jack’s place to spend Christmas, we had to go down to the letter box and then go up the other valley, it was pretty late when we got there. Thomas was the only man left of their men, the others are gone to Auckland. They gave us turkey, plum pudding, mince pies and other good things. Henry & I staid the night.


Saturday 23rd December 1916

A misty rain all day. Mr Phipps was cutting firewood, Henry & the other men were hoeing out weeds & planting Kumeras.

They got some Sheep in in the afternoon, took the shorn ones from the others and then turned them out again.