Thursday 9th November 1916

Henry’s 43rd birthday. A showery day especially in the pm. The bowling & tennis season was to be opened at Te Araroa to day and there was to be a dance & supper in the public hall this evening, Carpenter went down to it.

The men were weeding the potatoes at the cultivation, I was weeding the strawberries.


Wednesday 8th November 1916

It rained a little last night but it was very fine to day.

The men were out at the cultivation hoeing Potatoes. I sowed some clumps of Convolvulus round a matai stump, a bed of Radishes, 1 Tomato & forked out sorrell.


Tuesday 7th November 1916

It was fine ‘tho there was a strong wind blowing, it threatened for rain in the evening.

The men packed the cultivator out to the cultivation to work between the potatoes but it did not act. Mr Phipps was mending fences near the homestead. Carpenter came over in the afternoon and was snigging logs for firewood.

I planted out 20 Onion plants and sowed 2 rows of Drumhead Lettuce.


Monday 6th November 1916

It was raining in the morning but it turned out fine in the afternoon. The men were out at the back pulling foxglove. The ground in the garden was too wet to dig so I got three barrow loads of horse manure and afterward forked out sorrell between the strawberries.


Saturday 4th November 1916

It was a very fine day. Henry took the buggy down to Te Araroa to fetch a cultivator, he did not get back until about 10pm.

I finished sowing the Onions, and then I planted out 90 Onion plants from the bed that Connelly sowed.

The men were working at the back.


Friday 3rd November 1916

It was fine in the morning but it rained in the afternoon.

The ground was too wet to sow Onions so I weeded the Onion bed (Suttons) & forked sorrell round the gooseberries. Carpenter came in the evening from Te Araroa with a dray load of goods for this station. He also brought two men who came from Auckland for the other station. They staid here the night.


Thursday 2nd November 1916

It was very fine in the morning, but it poured with rain in the afternoon. Mr Phipps took charge of the cooking until his wife arrives and I was very pleased to be relieved of the job. Harry was digging and wheeling out stones. I was sowing Onions.


Wednesday 1st November 1916

It was fine in the morning but showery in the afternoon. The men went out to the back mustering and they brought home a lamb in the evening which they killed, it was nice & plump & fat.

Mr Phipps came in the evening, he and his wife are to be the married couple here, the wife who is chamber maid at the Hotel at Te Araroa cannot leave there until next Sunday.

Harry was digging and wheeling out stones. I commenced to sow Brown Spanish Onions, but was not able to plant many rows as I had to do the cooking for the men.