Monday 20th November 1916

It rained last night and nearly all to day, it cleared up a little in the pm. Henry & the men planted 800 Kumera plants in the cultivation near the wool shed. Carpenter went over to Jack’s place to fetch a horse.


Saturday 18th November 1916

It was very fine during the day, but it came on to rain in the evening. The men went out to the cultivation to finish weeding and moulding up the Potatoes. Henry came home for lunch and then he drove down to Te Araroa and he is not coming home to night.

I finished digging the piece of ground I started yesterday.


Friday 17th November 1916

It was a very fine day, the finest we have had for several weeks. The men were over at the cultivation weeding the Potatoes, I stuck the first soron(?) Peas, pre-planted 4 hills for Cucumber and forked out sorrel where carrots were growing.


Thursday 16th November 1916

It was showery in the morning but fine in the afternoon. The men were cleaning and started to mould up the Potatoes. In the afternoon I cleaned between the potatoes & beans & transplanted Onions to fill up blanks in the bed (Suttons).

Wednesday 15th November 1916

There was misty showers first thing in the morning, but it cleared up and it was very fine in the afternoon. The men were cleaning the Potatoes at the cultivation. I was forking out sorrel round the orange trees and between the Potatoes.

Tuesday 14th November 1916

It was a fairly fine day only a few slight showers.

The men were weeding the Potatoes in the cultivation. Harry Williams left to day. I dug the piece of ground round the Fig trees near the fowl yard.

Henry went down to Bristows in the evening to get some Kumera plants but Mr Bristow had not come home so he could not get them.


Monday 13th November 1916

It rained heavily last night and a misty rain this morning. The men were working in the shed, they went out to the back in the afternoon to pull foxglove. It came on heavy rain after 5pm. In the morning I wrote a letter to Mr Wallace and in the afternoon I cut grass and dug out docks near the fowl yard.


Saturday 11th November 1916

It was a very fine day. Carpenter returned from Te Araroa bringing the mail.

The men were weeding the Potatoes at the cultivation.

I sowed a long row of Suttons Plentiful Dwarf Beans, 10 Tomatoes and re sowed Suttons Peerless Pea.