Thursday 30th November 1916

It was a fine day ‘tho dull. Henry & the men were pulling foxglove. Jack came over in the afternoon and took Miss Kirvill back home with him.

I was working in the garden, I replanted the Cucumbers as the slugs had eaten them. I sowed a long row of Stratagem Peas and was digging out stones.

Mr Ross, Inspector of noxious weeds called.


Wednesday 29th November 1916

It was a very fine day. Henry & Miss Kirvell drove to Te Araroa. Henry was going on to Hick’s Bay. I rode with them as far as Mr Halliwells where I spent the day. I walked home arriving just before dinner. The men were at the back pulling foxglove.

After I got home it came on a misty rain. I stacked & tied up 12 Tomato plants before it started this morning.


Tuesday 28th November 1916

It was a very showery day. The shearers finished shearing all the sheep that were in the shed before lunch. Jack went out early in the morning and brought some Plums in from the other side of Pembertons and put them in the yard at the cultivation, he returned home in the afternoon leaving Miss Kirwell here. I was not able to do much outside.


Monday 27th November 1916

It was very dull in the morning and we thought it was going to rain, but it turned out a fine day.

Henry & the men got up very early and went mustering the sheep, but the maoris did not commence to shear until the afternoon. John and Miss Kirvell came over just before lunch and both staid the night.

I was working in the garden, I finished digging out sorrel between the young cabbage plants, I earthed up the 3 rows of Potatoes & 4 rows of Beans, dug out the sorrel round an Apple tree and wheeled a lot of stones out of the garden.


Sunday 26th November 1916

It was a very fine day. Mr & Mrs Phipps drove down to Te Araroa returning in the evening, they brought the mail, there were two Weekly News for me and a letter from Jane.

I spend a very quiet day at home.


Saturday 25th November 1916

It rained last night and nearly all to day. It was too wet to muster sheep.

The Maori shearers commenced shearing this morning with the sheep that were put in the shed last night, there are five machines but some of them would not work. I was not able to do anything outside. Jack returned home in the evening.


Friday 24th November 1916

It was a very fine day. Mr Phipps & the two Schneidermans were fencing at Pembertons. In the morning Jimmy Hayes to get some gear for the shearers that Jack had sent down there for him, in the afternoon he mustered some sheep in the sheep yard. The Maori shearers came here late in the pm, they are going to start tomorrow.

I was digging out sorrel between the Cabbages (Henderson’s succession) that I planted.

In the evening Carpenter arrived from Tokomaru with the wagon that Henry bought there. Jack came late in the evening to help muster tomorrow.


Thursday 23rd November 1916

It was a very fine day. The men were fencing at Pembertons. I sowed seeds of St John’s Day Cabbage & Drumhead Lettuce in boxes, and forked out sorrel & weeds out of the piece of ground next to the asparagus.


Wednesday 22nd November 1916

It was a very fine day, very hot in the morning and cloudy in the pm. Mr Phipps and the two Schneidemans were fencing out at Pembertons.

I stuck the row of Peas (Suttons) and forked over the piece of ground I intend for carrots. I got two barrow loads of stones out of it.


Tuesday 21st November 1916

It was a very fine day. Henry & Carpenter went to Tokomaru, they took 5 horses with them, they are gone to fetch a wagon home that Henry has bought. Mr Phipps and the two fellows went over to Pembertons to repair fences. I was forking out sorrel and stones.