Monday 2nd October 1916

It was a showery day. The men went to the back. My back was pretty bad and I staid in the house all morning, but went out a bit in the afternoon and cut the grass and dug round an Apple tree at the back of the house.


Sunday 1st October 1916

In the morning it was fine but it looked as if there would be showers. Harry was sent on horseback to Mr Hay’s. I started on a horse to spend the day at Mr Halliwells but I had an accident, the saddle turned round and I fell off and the horse made off with the saddle dangling under its belly. I tried to catch him but unsuccessfully, the saddle came off & I carried it as far as Bristoes and walked home knocked up.

After lunch Henry went and caught the horse and picked up the saddle & attachments.

Carpenter came from the other place in the evening to work here next week, he brought the mail. It came on a misty rain in the afternoon and continued during the evening.