Monday 9th October 1916

Misty and showery again. I set a hen in the fowl house on 13 Eggs which came from Mr Halliwells.

The men were working at the back making sheep yards.

I wheeled three barrow loads of manure from the diamond and put it round the fruit trees at the back of the house.


Sunday 8th October 1916

There were showers all day, with all the rain we have had the river has risen considerably.

Carpenter went to Te Araroa, returning late in the evening bringing the mail with him. He reports a heavy sea breaking on the beach at Te Araroa.


Friday 6th October 1916

It was a dull day, slight showers in the morning. The men went out to Pembertons early in the morning to continue docking. I sowed seeds of S. John’s Day Cabbage near the Matai stump.

After finishing docking at Pembertons they docked at No 6 paddock, it came on to rain steadily in the afternoon, however they finished docking at No 6 , and came home late and wet through.


Thursday 5th October 1916

It was not a very pleasant day, there were several showers.

The men went out early to dock the Lambs at Pembertons, they only docked one paddock. Mr Halliwell came over in the afternoon to beg a few lemons as his little girl is not very well and the Doctor ordered them.

I wrote a long letter to Arthur Greenwood and gave it to Mr Halliwell to post. I sowed seeds of Lettuce near matai stump.


Tuesday 3rd October 1916

Several showers during the day. The men were working at the back. In the morning I cut the grass and dug round an Apple tree at the back of the house. In the pm I was digging between the Oranges. Harry was cutting firewood all afternoon.