Friday 20th October 1916

It was a fine day.

After breakfast Henry & I rode over Jimmy Hayes’ hill to Ahomatariki to be present at the marriage of my son Jack to Miss Lily Kirwell his housekeeper. Revd Digby Wilson performed the ceremony. I gave the bride away, Henry was best man and Miss Kirwells sister was bridesmaid. After partaking of breakfast Henry & I started for Tangihanga, having left the buggy at Jack’s place last night. Henry drove home, I rode home and lost my way in Hayes’ paddocks and did not get home much before Henry. It came on a misty rain.


Wednesday 18th October 1916

It was fine during the day, but it came on to rain in the evening. Mr Davis, Tom Pierce & Henry went to their several homes after breakfast, Henry went down with them, he called in at Whites, for some sheep of his that were along with theirs and he brought them home. Harry & I were left by ourselves, I sowed two rows of Dun Beans next to the Potatoes. Harry was digging between the trees at the back of the house.


Tuesday 17th October 1916

It was a very fine day. The men were docking in paddocks 7 & 6, thus finishing the docking. I staid at home, worked in the garden, forked out round & planted 3 rows of Potatoes, cooked the dinner for the men in the evening.


Monday 16th October 1916

It blew very strong last night and early this morning, but it calmed down and turned out a very fine day. They were docking in No 9 Paddock. I staid at home and did some gardening. I resowed the row of Peas with a variety called Alderman, also sowed a row of Peas (Peerless) Suttons seed.

I had to cook the dinner in the evening for the men.


Sunday 15th October 1916

It was a fine day. Mr & Mrs Connelly (the married couple) are leaving and Henry drove them down to Te Araroa. They had so much luggage, that Mr Halliwell came with his buggy to take what Henry could not take.

Mr Davis, Tom Pierce & Henry came in the evening to be in readiness for docking tomorrow.


Saturday 14th October 1916

It was a very fine day. Tom Pearce came out from Te Araroa to help them dock Lambs, Jack left them about noon when they had mustered, went down to Te Araroa and called in here on his way home. They were docking until after dark.

I walked down to Mr Halliwells in the morning to spend the day. Mr & Mrs Whitehead (the school teacher of Te Araroa) were there.


Friday 13th October 1916

There were a few misty showers in the morning, the afternoon was very fine. They mustered the sheep in No 2 paddock and docked the lambs.

I was digging between the trees behind the house and I went up to see them docking.

Carpenter went back to the other place in the evening as he is going carting tomorrow.