Monday 30th October 1916

There was a steady rain all day. Henry did not call for me until the afternoon, the two stockmen he had with him are named respectively Louis & Wm Tchneideman who are cousins, they seem very nice young fellows. Harry had the dinner ready when we arrived at Tangihanga.


Sunday 29th October 1916

It was a fine day. Henry drove down to Te Araroa in the morning to fetch the two stockmen that came down from Auckland last night by the “Maco” to work for him, I went with him as far as Mr Halliwells where I spent the day and staid the night as Henry rang up to say that he was not going to leave Te Araroa until tomorrow morning.


Friday 27th October 1916

It was very fine in the morning but there was a misty rain in the afternoon. Henry left here early this morning to go over to Ahomatariki to help Jack with the docking. Mr Jackson of Te Araroa called this morning for the census papers, I made him a cup of tea, in the course of conversation I found out that he came from Burbage near Hinckley Leicestershire, so we had a good talk of my old county. Harry got a fresh horse in, he was digging in the garden.

I took it a bit easy to day so my side was a good deal better.

Thursday 26th October 1916

It was a fine day. Henry came from Ahomatariki early this morning and then went over to Mr Banks’ to see if there were any sheep of his as Banks is docking to day. He returned here for dinner in the evening and staid the night. Harry went down to Mr Halliwells late in the afternoon and got the mail.


Wednesday 25th October 1916

It was fine in the morning but late in the afternoon it came on to rain nasty driving showers. We finished digging the piece of ground near the fowl yard and commenced a piece nearer the house.

Harry rode down to Mr Halliwells in the afternoon to get some bread that came from Te Araroa, Mrs Halliwell very kindly sent by him a mince pie.


Sunday 22nd October 1916

It was fine in the morning, but it poured with rain and hail in the afternoon.

Mr Langdon the Stock Agent from Tokomaru called and had lunch here. Henry rode over to Pemberton’s house to get some books.