Wednesday 27th & Thursday 28th & Friday 29th September 1916

All these days we had misty rain. The men went to work at the back making sheep-yards, on the Friday Henry went to Mannings and brought home Harry’s swag.

I could not do much in the garden, the ground was too wet to sow the Onions or the Peas that I have prepared the ground for. I started forking out the sorrell between the strawberries.


Tuesday 26th September 1916

It rained heavily all last night, and a misty rain to day. Harry took a letter down to Halliwells to post. Henry & Colin packed some gate timber to the back in the afternoon. I opened two oil drums, and put handles to two benzine tins, all to be used in the garden.


Monday 25th September 1916

When we got up this morning a misty rain was falling and we could see that it had been raining steadily during the night, it will do a great deal of good both to the grass and the garden.

It rained nearly all day, not quite so bad in the afternoon. The men went out to work and returned in the evening very wet.

I was pretty stiff after my ride yesterday and staid in the house all day.


Sunday 24th September 1916

It was a fine day in the morning, but looked threatening for rain. Henry rode to Te Araroa returning in the evening. Harry and I rode over to Jack’s place to spend the day, we did not stay there long as we met Jack & the men on the road carting timber, we had lunch there and returned to Tangihanga in time for tea. It came on a misty rain.


Saturday 23rd September 1916

It was a fine day. The men were at the back making sheep yards.

Carpenter came up with the dray to get some timber for Jack’s house.

I was digging over the second time the piece of ground I intend for Onions, I picked out all the stones, afterwards I dug out two rows of cabbages that have gone to seed, picked out all the stones and sorrell, I intend to plant a row of Peas here.

Thursday 21st September 1916

It was a fine day. Henry drove Addison down to Te Araroa to meet the “Mako” going to Auckland as Addison is leaving here, Henry also took Russells luggage & a dog.

Connolly & Henry were working at the cultivation, I finished digging the piece for Onions.


Wednesday 20th September 1916

It was cold in the morning but it turned out a very hot day.

The men were working over at the cultivation. I was digging in the garden.

Mr & Mrs Halliwell drove up in the afternoon. Mr H had a log roll over his leg yesterday and therefore was not able to work, they brought us 3 hens as a present for Henry.


Tuesday 19th September 1916

Fine day, but a cold wind was blowing. I finished manuring and digging round the gooseberries at the back of the house, afterwards I was digging in the garden.

The men went out to the cultivation to put the wire on the cultivation.