Thursday 31st August 1916

It was a very fine day. All us men folk rode out to the cultivation, Russell held the plough. Henry drove the horse, Addison, Connerly & I took out stumps & roots. It came on to rain in the evening. I wrote a letter to Mr J.C. Wyatt. A wire came that Russells brother was dead in the Waikato.


Wednesday 30th August 1916

It was showery in the morning but the afternoon was very fine. The men packed the plough out to the cultivation and commenced to plough. Connerly & I dug out the docks in the enclosed piece of ground near the wool shed, afterwards I was digging out artichokes in the garden.


Friday 25th August 1916

It was a fine day. Henry rode to Tokomaru where the Fridging Works are. I was digging between the Cabbages in the morning and in the afternoon I walked to where Addison & Conneley are cross cutting a large Rimu log, they are clearing a piece of ground of logs & burning ready for ploughing. It came on to rain while I was there and got wet coming home. Russell returned here in the evening.


Tuesday 22nd August 1916

It was a fine day. Carpenter took the dray down to Te Araroa to cart timber for this station, he was late returning so he left the loaded dray at Halliwells and brought the horses on here after dark.

I started to dig in the garden next the macrocarpa hedge near the Dairy, the ground looks better than I thought it was, I dug out a lot of stones, docks, sorrel & other bad weeds.