Friday 21st July 1916

It was a fine day. I went across to Auckland by an early boat, called for Henry at his boarding house and we went out to Henderson by train, had lunch at the Falls boarding house, first called on Mrs Handby and then went to Joe Greenwoods, had a look around his orchard, had tea there and returned to Auckland by the 7pm train.


Wednesday 19th July 1916

It was a very fine day. I went across to Auckland with Alma in the 9am boat, I went down to see the ‘Kawau’ which is leaving for Leigh this morning, I saw Jim Dunning there. Did what little business I had to do, dined at the Strand, went to consult Dr Lindsey in the afternoon, he said I was alright, returned to the Shore by the 4pm boat.

Tuesday 18th July 1916

It was a fine day. Henry & I embarked on board the “Kawau” for Auckland, I am going back with Henry to Te Araroa on a visit, Jane, Willie, Grace and Mrs Simpson came to see us off. We had a fine passage up. I went across to the Shore to stay with my very good friends Mr & Mrs Wallace. Henry went to board at Windomere in Scotia Place, Upper Queen St.


Monday 17th July 1916

It was a fine day, the wind has got round to the SW and the sea is calming down.

Willie was helping Mr Ashworth fix up the fence between the E R and his place.

Mrs A. Matheson and Annie came in the pm and staid the evening.

I dug out all the Dahlias and stored them under the house.

Henry did not return from Janes until the evening.


Sunday 16th July 1916

It was a showery day and the wind still blowing strong from the E. Henry rode over to Jane’s in the afternoon. Revd Macdonald conducted service in the church in the evening, Willie & I went, the roads were very muddy. 24 present, Collection 10/-


Saturday 15th July 1916

Wind still blowing a gale from the E. Henry & I ought to have gone away to day, but there was no steamer on account of the weather. Our guests from Ti Point returned home in the morning. I went down to the village, I trimmed the lamps in the Church and filled up a hole with soil It came on to rain the afternoon.


Friday 14th July 1916

When we got up this morning it was raining & blowing a gale from SE. A big sea outside. Willie staid at home. I was packing.

Henry returned from Pakiri in the evening bringing a Sheep dog with him that he bought at Mr Hoult’s.

In the evening Minnie, Harold, Flo’ & Mr Torkington gave us a surprise party, Harold brought his phonograph and gave us a lot of items, they staid the night.


Thursday 13th July 1916

It was as fine day. Wind blowing from SE. Sea getting up.

Willie was working at the crusher. Henry rode our horse to Pakiri intending to stay at John Greenwoods to night.

I was pruning roses. Prepared 14 varieties of cuttings and took them down to the p.o. in the evening for John Greenwood.

Arthur Greenwood commenced his duties as Librarian to night.


Wednesday 12th July 1916

There were several heavy showers during the day.

Willie was working at the crusher.

I was pruning roses & sent cuttings of them to Mrs Jas Dassock & Mrs Eyton.

Took the sulky down to the wharf with a box of eggs in the afternoon. Henry came round in the steamer so I drove him home. He went down in the evening to A. Dunnings.