Monday 31st July 1916

It was very cold in the morning and I found there had been a frost. They do not get the sun here until about 9 am. Carpenter (a half caste) who is employed on the other station came for breakfast, he brought half a pig, they were out pig hunting yesterday and killed several, they do a lot of damage by rooting up the grass. Carpenter took the dray down to Te Araroa to cart goods for the other station.

I started pruning the fruit trees.


Sunday 30th July 1916

It was a beautiful day nothing but blue sky. Henry and Russell rode to Awanui in the afternoon to attend a Court tomorrow, Henry has a case against Metcalf (a neighbour) for abusive language. Addison rode out to visit a neighbour, so that Mr & Mrs Connoly and I were the only ones left here. It is very quiet and dull here and I miss the Sunday service very much.

Saturday 29th July 1916

It was a fine day. I was looking round the place, there is a very nice orchard here for home requirements, the trees are so vigorous and healthy looking.

Henry took a ride round to look at the stock.


Friday 28th July 1916

It was a fine day. After breakfast I had a look round the township, it was much improved since I was here about 13 years ago.

Jack brought a couple of horses down last night and Henry had a buggy which had been repaired at the blacksmiths so we gathered all our luggage and we drove to Tangihanga, Henry’s new place where we arrived at 4pm. Jack rode on his horse with us leading the dogs. Mr & Mrs Connoley are the married couple keeping house for Henry, John Addison was also working here, but Russell was at Jack’s place.


Thursday 27th July 1916

We were working the Bays near Cape Runaway, instead of calling at Hicks Bay & Matakawa point we steamed for Te Araroa, the steamer anchored a good distance off and the passengers & luggage were landed in the surf boat on the wharf the other side of the Awatere river and McKeddie’s coach brought us across and up to the Hotel, Jack met us on the wharf having ridden down from Ahomariki. Jack stopped with Henry and me at the Hotel for the night. It set in rain in the evening.


Wednesday 26th July 1916

When we got up this morning we were steaming across the Bay of Plenty out of sight of land, but soon we came in sight of White Island which was smoking, in the evening we arrived at Te Kaha where a lot of cargo was landed in surf boats.


Tuesday 25th July 1916

There were a few showers. In the morning I went down to the Shore to do a little shopping, returned for lunch. After lunch I bid good bye to my friends Mr & Mrs Wallace and went over to Auckland, met Henry and we went shopping together. Embarked on board the “Mako” at 6pm for Te Araroa, Jim came to see us off, he is returning home tomorrow.


Monday 24th July 1916

Several showers during the day. I went across to Auckland in the 8.30 boat, met Henry at the Ferry buildings, went to the office of the Richardson Co and engaged passage by the “Mako” for Te Araroa, went up and lunched with Henry at his boarding house and we were shopping all afternoon, returned to the Shore in the evening.


Sunday 23rd July 1916

It was a fine day. Mrs Wallace & I attended Trinity Church in the morning, it was a church parade of the Maori soldiers.

Ken, Tillie & Jim called in the pm & Henry called in the evening, he had just returned from Papakura.


Saturday 22nd July 1916

It was a fine day. I went over to Auckland in the morning. In the morning I took the car out to Mt Eden to call on my friend Mr Grandrod, on my way back I went to Ponsonby and called at Mr Woods in Hepburn St, had tea there and returned to the shore in the evening.