Friday 30th June 1916

It was fine in the morning. Willie was working at the crusher.

In the morning I was cutting tea tree on the farm and in the afternoon I was cutting tea tree on the hill.

I went down to the steamer to get the mail. It was dull and threatening all day, and in the afternoon it started to rain and it rained steadily all evening. Henry returned from Ti Point in the evening very wet.


Thursday 29th June 1916

It rained nearly all morning and we were unable to go out. Willie was scraping gum.

Henry walked over to the Claim in the afternoon to see Jim and Jane. In the evening I went down for the mail and attended the Library.

The latter part of the afternoon Willie and I were cutting tea tree on the farm.


Wednesday 28th June 1916

It was a very fine day. I was cutting tea tree on the farm in the morning. In the afternoon I went down to meet the steamer, Henry came up in her, he has not been home since Willie and Jane were married.

Albert Wyatt and his bride (né Violet Ashton) also came up after their honeymoon. I carried up a bag of sand.

Arthur Torkington came here while we were having tea to see his uncle Henry.


Tuesday 27th June 1916

It was a fine day. Wind SW. Willie was working in the quarry. After breakfast I went down to the village to get the mail, called in at Archie Dunnings to see the war news, saw that the SS Tarawera had arrived in Auckland from the coast on Sunday and there was a Clarke among the passengers which no doubt would be Henry. I was cutting tea tree on the hill & on the farm.


Monday 26th June 1916

It rained heavily last night and early this morning, but it cleared up and turned out a fine day. The wind has changed to SW.

I was helping Willie cut tea tree on the farm all day. Mrs Simpson went to Ti Point in the afternoon to stay.


Sunday 25th June 1916

It rained heavily last night and it was showery this morning, but it cleared up in the afternoon. I conducted service in the Church in the afternoon. About 25 present. Offertory 7/-.

I received a Telegram from Henry who was at Tokonamu Bay waiting for the Tarawera to come up to Auckland on his way home. I went up with Willie Dunning and had tea there and spent the evening.


Friday 23rd June 1916

Willie went to work at the quarry but he only put in about half a day and it rained heavy in the pm. The “Gael” made a round trip here instead of the “Kawau”, she came here last and as she came into the harbour the “Kawau” showed round the point and they both came up to the wharf together. The Kawau got off the bank at Mangawai to day where she got in last Monday night.

After we came home from the steamer Willie & I were cutting tea tree.


Thursday 22nd June 1916

Willie got up early to start work at the quarry at 7.30am but it rained very hard nearly all morning so he came home again as it was too wet for working. Mrs Dunning Senr was buried in this Cemetery in the afternoon, it was largely attended. Revd Boyle officiated at the grave.

I came down again in the evening for the mail and to attend to the Library.


Wednesday 21st June 1916

It was a fine day. Mrs Simpson came home in the morning and brought word that old Mrs Dunning had died last night at 9 oclock. Willie re-commenced working in the quarry to day. I went down to the village in the afternoon. The “Kawau” got stuck at Mangawai on Monday night therefore there was no steamer or mail.