Monday 10th April 1916

It was a beautiful day. Grace & Mrs Simpson went to a picnic to Goat Island beach, returning in the evening. Willie was fixing up the School fence. I was left on my own and was working in the flower garden all day.

In the evening I went to a meeting to elect a Hall Committee, the old Comte was re-elected with the addition of Mr A. L. Greenwood instead of Mr Neeley. The “Gael“arrived late and I got the mail.


Sunday 9th April 1916

It was a very fine day. In the morning I went down to A Davey and started in the cream cart to go to Jims, we picked up Jane and the children at Mrs Dunning Sen; when we got to Mr Ashworths he was just going out with his motor car on his way to Warkworth so he gave us a ride to Jim’s slip rails. I had dinner there and we all went to Church in the Claim Hall, Revd. Boyle officiating, Mr & Mrs Redwood returned to Jim’s for tea, afterwards I walked home, stayed for evening service in this Hall.

Willie, Grace and Mrs Simpson went to Mr Glass to spend the day and the ladies staid the night.


Saturday 8th April 1916

It rained early this morning but the wind changed round to the SW and it turned out a fine with the exception of one shower, in the afternoon the wind blew strong from the SW and it was cold.

There was a Tennis match on this court between Leigh and Pakiri clubs, Grace went down to the Hall to help them cut sandwiches. They provided lunch, tea & supper, Willie, Mrs Simpson & I did not go down to the Hall until the evening, there was a dance and there was a great crowd. Mrs S & I were playing 500, Jane & the children were over and staid the night at Mrs Dunning Sen.


Friday 7th April 1916

It was a fine day, but there was a shower of rain in the afternoon. Willie was working up at the school all day fixing up the fence.

I got firewood, also tea tree poles which I sawed into lengths & sharpened for Kerbing for the garden.

Mrs Simpson returned from Ti Point. Ivy Dunning came up for the butter late in the afternoon for the Tennis match tomorrow, I gave her a large bunch of flowers.


Thursday 6th April 1916

It was a very fine day. Willie went down to the village in the morning and after an early lunch he went up to the School to help fix up the fence. In the morning I got firewood, worked round the young apples in the pigs paddock, loosened round the Daffodils in the Diamond bed and put fine soil & shell sand round them. Went down for the mail & attended the Library in the evening, also went to Mr A. Dunnings to fix up the Hall Committee books. Mrs Handby came in the evening & said the night.

Wednesday 5th April 1916

It was a fine day. I returned home after breakfast, the remainder of the morning I was digging round the Apple trees in the pigs paddock. In the afternoon I loosened and put sand round some of the Daffodils in the Diamond bed, afterwards went down to the steamer and got the mail and got some sand, Willie picked peas and hauled them and a box of eggs down to the wharf, he brought some empty cases, some groceries and my sand home.

Tuesday 4th April 1916

It was a fine day. I got up early, had my breakfast and then walked over to Ti Point, and went across to the gum flat with Joe and Harold, tried my hand at gum digging. We had lunch in John Torkingtons shanty and returned across the harbour about sundown, had tea at Harolds and staid the night, we played 500.

Monday 3rd April 1916

It was a very fine day. Willie was burning in the front. In the morning I got firewood, afterwards I weeded between the Swedish Cabbages the top side of the house. In the afternoon I went down to Dunnings beach and got some shell sand, from thence to the steamer and got the mail.

Sunday 2nd April 1916

It was a very fine day. Harold, Flo’ the children & Mrs Simpson drove over to spend the day with us, all of us went down to the Church in the pm. I conducted the service, there were 44 present, Collection 9/4.

Saturday 1st April 1916

Willie took the sulky down to the wharf to meet the steamer @ 8.30pm. I went down with him to take a bunch of Dahlias down to the Captain, I got two bags of sand which Willie carted up for me. He and Grace drove over to Ti Point to fish and they brought home several fish. I returned home and worked in the garden.