Wednesday 19th April 1916

It was a very fine day. I went across to Auckland in the morning, saw the “Kawau” off, sent down some papers by her, had lunch and then went to hear the address to workers on the wharf by Revd Mouckton, afterwards to hear the Bishop in the Chamber of Commerce, then I took the tram to Onehunga, called on my old friend Revd M Kirkbride but as he was in great trouble about his brother Edmond I did not stay but went on to Canon Haseldens, returned to the Shore.


Tuesday 18th April 1916

It was a fine day. I took a walk down Albert Road, called on Mr McGinley, also on Mrs Southerland and Mrs McKenyie then went across to Auckland, had lunch and then went to the Chamber of Commerce to hear Bishop Averill give a Lenten address, went to meet the “Kawau” from Omaha. Willie sent a case of apples & pears which I carried across to the shore. Mr Wallace spent the evening at Noels.


Monday 17th April 1916

The weather was not too good it seemed threatening for rain. In the morning I went across to town and saw the “Kawau” off -, I intended to go to Onehunga in the afternoon but the weather looked so threatening that I returned to the Shore.


Sunday 16th April 1916

It rained heavily last night and early this morning but it cleared up and was a fine day.

Alma & I went to Trinity Church in the morning, it was a Church parade for the Maori soldiers who are encamped at Narrow Neck. Bishop Averill preached an excellent sermon. After Church I went across to town and up to Ponsonby to Mr J.J. Woods who built our Church. He lives in Hepburn St. I had dinner there and Mr woods & I took a walk in the pm and in the evening I went with them to St Thomas’ Church, and returned to the shore afterwards.


Saturday 15th April 1916

It was a fine day. I went over to Auckland in the morning, went to Laidlaw Leeds and ordered some furniture and also to Bridgmans and bought some clothing returning to the Show for lunch. In the afternoon Mr Wallace & I went across to Auckland and attended the Flower Show, when we got back to the Shore we found that Gordon, his wife and little boy had arrived and staid the night.


Tuesday 11th April 1916

It was a fine day.

In the morning I went down to the P.O to put some money into the Bank, was busy writing the minutes of the meetings that were held last night and getting my things together to go to Auckland, Willie drove me down to the wharf in the afternoon but we had a long wait. It was the “Gael”. She ought to have left at 3pm but it was a good deal after 4 when she left.

We had a beautiful calm passage and I quite enjoyed it, we did not get up until the clock was striking 10.

Mr Wallace was on the wharf to meet me and we went across to Devonport in the 10.30 boat and went up in the motor buss. Mrs Wallace was up to give me a welcome.