Friday 31st March 1916

It was a very fine day. I was working in the flower garden. I took up and replanted clumps of Yellow Ixius and Purple Fritonias.

Mrs D. Matheson came in the morning and I gave her a lot of little plants & bulbs, she staid for lunch. In the afternoon I went to the village to meet the steamer from Auckland and got the mail.


Wednesday 29th March 1916

It was a very fine day. I was helping Willie packing & marking cases of Pears, he hauled 38 cases down to the wharf in the afternoon, the “Kawau” made a round trip, I went down and got some sand which Willie hauled for me, he also had 10 empty cases and some goods that came by the steamer.

Willie and Grace drove Mrs Simpson over to Ti Point in the evening.


Tuesday 28th March 1916

It was a very fine day. Willie carried the Onions from the farm orchard and then he was picking Pears in this orchard.

After breakfast I went down to the village to get the mail, after I came back I strung up the Onions in 6 bundles & hung them in the pantry. After that I was doing a little in the flower garden.


Monday 27th March 1916

It was a very fine day. Willie was thining Turnips all day. I got firewood on the hill and then I was digging round the Apple trees. Behind the summer house, my back came over bad and I had to knock off. In the afternoon I did odd jobs and shelled some dun beans.

Sunday 26th March 1916

It was a fine day. Mrs Simpson, Grace & I attended Communion in the Church at 8am. We returned home from breakfast and afterwards Willie, Grace and Mrs Simpson drove over to Big Omaha. They intended to go to Williams’ but found them out, so they went on to the Russians place on the Big Omaha Flat near Matheson’s. They brought home two large Water Melons and a lot of Cucumbers.

I had dinner alone and afterwards I went to Jim Greenwoods and staid tea. The Greenwoods & I went to Church in the evening, Revd Macdonald officiated. The congregation was not very large. Collection Morng 4/3. Eveng 6/6. Total 10/9.


Friday 24th March 1916

Willie was weeding Turnips in the orchard. I was working in the flower garden, weeding and digging between the Dahlias, weeding the gravel path. In the pm May Dunning & Mrs Whitaker came and staid for tea. In the evening I went down to meet the steamer & got the mail.


Thursday 23rd March 1916

It was a beautiful day. The wind has gone round into a cold quarter. Willie hauled a load of Peas down to the wharf, he brought my sand up for me. I was working in the flower garden, I took up and replanted a clump of Gladiolus, planted some Daffodils and a plant of Verbena & 11 Stoeks. In the evening I went down for the mail and attended the Library.


Wednesday 22nd March 1916

It was a fine day but we had so much rain yesterday that the ground was very wet, the wind & rain broke some of my Dahlias down and I was tying them up, doing some weeding, & took up & re planted a clump of Gladiolus. Annie Matheson was here for lunch. I went down to the steamer in the afternoon, carried a bag of sand across to the wharf. Willie was picking Peas.