Friday 18th February 1916

It was a fine day.

I was working Kerbing and fixing it in the flower garden. Dave was here sowing danthonia, Revd Cair came up by the Kawau in the afternoon, Mr Ashworth was down to the wharf to meet him with his motor car, Revd Southern was also over. Revd Cair gave a Lecture in the Hall in the evening on Charles Kingsley, he also played on the violin and sang several songs, the Miss Dunnings played, also Mr & Mrs Glass, all of us went and enjoyed a very pleasant evening.


Wednesday 16th February 1916

It was a very fine in the morning. I got up early and picked my flowers for the Show before breakfast. Willie took his cow & Heifers down, and I went down to arrange my collection of flowers.

It was a Patriotic Show, not many prizes were given and all the takings were given to the Sick & Wounded Soldiers fund. I had lunch at Archie Dunnings and afterwards went down to meet the Steamer coming from Auckland. Mr Woods came up by her. The Warkworth town Band was in attendance. I got 1st Prize for my flowers, Willie got 2nd Prize for Collectn Fruit, 3rd Prize for Kate, 1st for Frinmie & 2nd Prize Pansy. Grace got several Prizes.

It came on to rain steadily in the afternoon and we came home for tea and did not go down again. There was no concert but an auction sale and a Dance. Mr Woods came and staid at our place.

Tuesday 15th February 1916

It was a very dull morning. I was working in the flower garden, I weeded the long bed and found that since the rain a lot of seedling flower plants have come up. I planted in this bed 4 Double Pink Godetia, 4 Yellow Cornflower & 4 Balsams. It came on to rain just before noon so I had to leave off. Willie picked & packed Pears for market which he hauled down to the wharf, and after he got fruit for the show and took it down to the Hall in the evening.


Monday 14th February 1916

It was bright in the morning, dull in the afternoon and fine rain in the evening. In the morning I went down to the Library to catalogue the book that came last Friday night from the Book Exchange, in the afternoon I straightened up the office and planted a row of Celery that Grace sent from Auckland. Willie sowed John Bull Turnips in the orchard and harrowed it afterwards and in the afternoon he picked and packed Pears (Beurre Capinmont).


Sunday 13th February 1916

It was a very fine day. Willie drove Mrs Simpson over to spend the day with Jim & Jane, we all went to church in the Claim Hall in the afternoon. Mr Baldwin a Presbyterian student officiated, Minnie & Agnes returned with us to Jims where we all had tea, and we drove home in the evening. I got out at the Leigh Hall and attended service in the evening, where I heard the same sermon as this afternoon.


Saturday 12th February 1916

It was a very fine day. There was a nice cool breeze blowing which made it very pleasant.

Willie Dunning brought his horse here early in the morning to get my sulky to take me to Warkworth, we picked up Joe Torkington at the Ti Point Road. There was a cricket match at Warkworth between Omaha and Kaipara Flats, each side had two innings, Kaipara beat by 16 runs. I called on Mr Roydhouse, Editor of the Rodney, I took him a sample of wheat grown by J.C. Wyatt and had a long chat with him, also called on Mr Goerty coming back. I got out at Jims & staid the night.


Friday 11th February 1916

It was a very fine day. The wind is from the WS and is much cooler. It was a busy day with me as I am going to Warkworth tomorrow, I got two loads of firewood, cut the grass on the garden path, took up a clump of Jonquils near the front gate and re planted them, planted out 2 Zinnias, 3 Yellow Cornflowers & 2 Mauve do & 4 Antirrhinums. Willie sowed broadcast John Bull Turnips with manure in the potato ground the topside of the house, and also in the upper side of the strawberry bed which have died out. In the evening Willie & Mrs Simpson went down to meet the steamer.


Thursday 10th February 1916

It was a very fine day. I sowed 1 Row of Dun Beans the upper side of the house. Minnie, Alma, Agnes, Dorothy and Edith came to pick blackberries, I helped them, Willie took the butter & eggs down to the wharf & he hauled home 1 Sack of Maize & a bag of manure, afterwards he sowed 2 Rows of Garden Swede turnip top side of the house.

In the evening I went down for the mail and attended the Library.


Wednesday 9th February 1916

It was a very hot day. Willie was cultivating in this orchard. We put the cows out in the front paddock. In the afternoon I went down to the steamer and got the mail, a good many passengers came up. Grace sent a newspaper and a bag of bananas.