Friday 21st January 1916

It was hot in the morning. I carried danthonia in the morning while Willie was thrashing.

In the afternoon I went down thinking I could get the mail, but the “Kawau” had broken down yesterday and was not going to leave until this evening.

It came over very cloudy late in the afternoon and commenced a misty rain.


Monday 17th January 1916

It was a very hot day. Willie was thrashing Danthonia.

I was working in the flower garden, I planted a rose pink Joy Leaved Geranium that Mrs Williams gave me near the lower gate. Also picked out the Yellow Cornflowers (Jarniaus) into a shallow box.


Sunday 16th January 1916

I intended to go to Williams in the Cream Cart, but it was late in coming and Mr Ashworth passed Jim’s slip rails in his motor car and he gave me a ride to Williams gate. I found they were just starting in their cart for the beach, so I just had a look round the flower garden and they gave me a lift in the cart back to Jim’s again. I had dinner there and in the afternoon Jim & I went to the Claim Hall, Revd Scott the moderative of the Auckland Presbyterian Church conducted the service, the boy scouts under Captn Rust attended and filled the Hall, the parson gave a very good address to the boys.

I returned to Jims for tea and afterward I started to walk home when Laurence Whitaker overtook me in a trap and he gave me a ride home.

Mrs Simpson & I attended service in this Hall in the evening. Revd Scott preached again – a very good sermon.


Saturday 15th January 1916

It was a very fine day. Cyrus Matheson & Len Wyatt were helping Willie thrash danthonia.

In the morning I went down for the mail, carried up some sand. Worked in the garden. In the evening I walked over to the Claim, staid at Jim’s the night.


Friday 14th January 1916

It was a very fine day. In the morning I got firewood and then carried danthonia and helped him thrash until lunch time. In the afternoon Grace helped him. I planted out in a box the mauve Cornflowers (Jarniaus) also planted 3 Zinnias.


Thursday 13th January 1916

It was a very fine day. Willie expected Cyrus Matheson to come and help him thrash Danthonia, but he did not come so I was helping him both morning and afternoon. Willie carted his butter and eggs down to the wharf and brought up a load of cases. Dr Jenkins of Warkworth saw Mr Glass and pronounced that he had appendicitis so Wm Dunning took him down to the steamer in his waggon to go to Auckland Hospital to be operated on.

Chas Wyatts boys were carting their Wheat crop into their barn.

In the evening I went down for the mail & attended the Library, the Annual Meeting of Subscribers was held, only five being present. The old Committee was re-elected.


Wednesday 12th January 1916

It was a very fine day. Dave did not come to work to day as he is very bad having the symptoms of appendicitis so I was helping Willie thrash Danthonia. In the dinner hour I went to Ernest Wyatts to get him to Audit the Library Account. Grace went down to the steamer, I had a letter from my brother Henry.