Wednesday 10th November 1915

A pleasant change of a fine day – wind SW in the morning and NW in the evening.

In the morning I got firewood & helped Willie dig in the orchard. In the afternoon I went down to the steamer, sieved a lot of sand and carried 2 bags of it across to the wharf shed.

Mr Phillips of Warkworth came in Alf Fentons steam launch and started the concrete bridge near the stone quarry at the wharf.


Monday 8th November 1915

It was a showery day and very windy. Willie was digging strips in the orchard. In the morning I got a lot of firewood on the hill and in the pm I went down to the steamer, got the mail and carried up some sand.


Sunday 7th November 1915

It was a fine day. Mr Macdonald celebrated H.C. in the church at 8am. There were 8 attended. Afterwards Willie & Grace walked to Ti Point to spend the day.

I went to Willie Dunnings, had dinner there and had a look round his orchard, went to Jas Greenwoods in the afternoon, had tea there & in the evening we all came down to Church at 7.30. Mr Macdonald officiated. There were 48 present, we had a very nice service. Collections 8. am 5/3. 7.30 10/-.


Saturday 6th November 1915

Very windy day. I got firewood in the morning. In the pm I went to Dunning’s beach and carried home some big stones. Willie & Grace went fishing at the wharf and brought home some small fish.


Friday 5th November 1915

Windy and showery. I wrote the letter to the Postmaster and took it down to J.C. Wyatt for his signature. Had dinner there and then went down to the village to post the letter, got the mail and carried up some sand.


Thursday 4th November 1915

A showery day. I was helping Willie dig in the orchard in the afternoon. Went down for the mail and attended the Library in the evening. There was a public meeting in the Library called by Mrs Harper as she has sent in her resignation as post-mistress on account of insufficient pay. The meeting decided to ask the postal authorities to increase her pay. J.C. Wyatt & I were appointed to draw out a letter to that effect to be sent to the Chief Postmaster, Auckland.


Wednesday 3rd November 1915

It was very wet in the morning and showery in the afternoon. The steamer made a round trip to day. I took a large bunch of roses down to the captain. Willie took his Eggs down & hauled up a rack of Maize.


Monday 1st November 1915

It was a very fine day. Willie was digging round the Diamond Plums in the garden. I wrote a letter to Mr Woods. Went down to the village in the afternoon, also went to Arche Dunnings in the evening to pay him for the rent of the Hall for our social after the dedication of the church. Charlie & Willie were there & we played 500. Got the mail that came in the evening.