Tuesday 30th November 1915

Willie & Fred went fishing over to Ti Point, Willie returned in the evening, but Fred remained. I went down to the village in the afternoon to get the mail, carried up some sand.

I planted out some Dahlias near the summer house.

Monday 29th November 1915

It was a very wet day. Willie milked early in the evening and then drove over to Ti Point and brought Grace & Nell home, he then went down to the wharf and meet the steamer, Fred Davey came from the Kawau in her and he came up here with Willie to stay with us. A lot of Leigh people returned by the Steamer from the Show.


Sunday 28th November 1915

It was a fine day. Willie, Grace & Nell drove over to the Claim in the morning, they dined with Jim & Jane and then went to H. Torkingtons in the pm, Willie returned here alone but Grace & Nell staid at Harolds. I staid at home, Revd Southern held service in the Hall in the afternoon.


Saturday 27th November 1915

It was a very fine day. Willie and I were digging in the farm orchard in the morning, in the pm I was working in the flower garden, and I went down to Dunnings beach and carried up some large stones for garden edging.


Friday 26th November 1915

It rained heavily early this morning, but it turned out a very hot day. Willie was digging in the farm orchard. I sowed a short row of Lettuces.

The Annual Pic Nic in connection with The Omaha Bible Class was held to day. The children played games in Mr A Dunnings paddock in the afternoon, tea in the Hall at 6pm, meeting in the Hall in the evening. The prizes were given out, and then games were indulged in untill supper. All of us attended and had a very pleasant time.


Thursday 25th November 1915

It was a fine day. Willie was digging the strips round the apple trees in the pigs paddock.

I dug the piece of ground near the summer house where I usually plant Dahlias.

In the evening I went down for the mail and attended the Library. Carried up sand.


Wednesday 24th November 1915

It was a very fine day. All of us went down to the Steamer in the afternoon, Willie took the sulky down with the butter & eggs. Mrs Fred Davey & baby came up to stay with us, Fred staid at the “Kawau” to have a day or two’s fishing. Willie brought up a bag of sand for me.


Monday 22nd November 1915

It blew very strong from SW. but it drying up the ground that was saturated with rain yesterday.

I left Jim’s place at about 10.30 am and arrived home just in time for dinner. In the afternoon I planted some Lettuce plants that Jane gave me in the farm orchard. Afterwards went down to the steamer to get the mail, carried up some sand.


Sunday 21st November 1915

It was a very wet day. We did not go out anywhere. There should have been a Presbyterian service in the Claim hall in the afternoon but on account of the weather it did not come off. Willie & Grace should have driven over but they did not come.