Monday 11th October 1915

It was a beautiful day.

I got firewood, and in the afternoon I went over to the farm orchard and dug up some ground for beans and then went down to the Steamer for the mail.

Grace went over to Ti Point in the pm. Willie was grafting an apple Tree with Edward Lippiatt & clearing in the orchard ready for ploughing.


Sunday 10th October 1915

It rained last night and although it did not rain to day, it was very wet, dull and threatening. Willie & Grace went to spend the day with Mr & Mrs Glass.

Revd Macdonald held service in the Church in the evening there were about 25 present. Collection 8/6.


Saturday 9th October 1915

It rained pretty heavy last night and it was misty and showery to day.

Mrs George Knaggs was buried in the cemetery at 2.30pm. Revd Yarnall (Presbyterian) conducted the service at the grave. Grace & I went.


Friday 8th October 1915

It was misty this morning, but after awhile the sun came out and it was fine. Duncan Knaggs came in the morning and told us that his mother (Mrs George Knaggs) had died yesterday afternoon, aged 85.

I sowed seeds of the following. Tomato (Mr Wallaces), Tomato (Yates), Cabbage (St John’s Day), also flower seeds, Cornflower (Mauve & Yellow), (Phlo+Drummondi), in boxes, and Escoltyia & Calliopsis Drummondi in the open border. In the afternoon I went down to the Steamer to get the mail. In the evening Grace & I went down to the choir practice, but there was none.


Thursday 7th October 1915

it rained early this morning and when we got up there was a misty rain and the wind is round to the SE.

I planted out 11 Pansy plants and afterwards got some firewood.

Willie had to shoot his Bull (Billy) as he had strained his back and was not able to stand, I helped to skin him and cut him up.

In the evening it was very misty, I went down for the mail and attended the Library.


Wednesday 6th October 1915

It was a fine day. I sowed 2 rows of White Stone Turnip in the farm orchard.

Willie was slashing down stuff in the orchard ready for ploughing. We took his Eggs down to the wharf in the evening and hauled up flour, potatoes, & groceries.


Tuesday 5th October 1915

It was a fine day. Willie went down to the wharf and hauled up the Cultivator, some bags of manure and a bag of sand for me.

I planted a long row of Stratagem Peas in the farm orchard.


Monday 4th October 1915

It was a fine day. In the morning I was helping Willie plant Onions in the farm orchard. In the afternoon I went to Addisons and Ashworths to tell them about a meeting of the Fruitgrowers Association this evening. In the evening Willie & I went down to the Hall to the Fruitgrowers meeting, 6 persons present signed a petition to the Minister of Agriculture re N.Z Fruitgrowers Federation. Mr J.C. Wyatt was elected President & Mr Glass Secretary & Treasurer of the Association & I handed over to Mr Glass the sum of £1.18.6 which I had held since Mr Rhodes left. After the meeting all of us went down to the wharf when the Kawau arrived from Auckland. Jack & Henry sent Willie a Cultivator as a present, it arrived by the steamer to night.


Saturday 2nd October 1915

It was a dull morning. After breakfast I went down to the village to post a paper, went round to the new road the other side of the harbour leading to the Pa – carried up some sand. In the morning Willie was ploughing in the orchard, I dug round 2 trees.

In the afternoon Willie & Grace went fishing to the wharf, it came on to rain steadily and they got a bit wet.