Saturday 30th October 1915

There were several showers during the day. Mr Macdonald called up here in the morning before we had finished breakfast, he had a look round the flower garden, Willie drove he & the Bishop down to the village, the Bishop was returning to Auckland by the “Kawau” this afternoon. Mrs Henry & Mr Macdonald returned to Warkworth. I went down to the village and helped clear the Hall and straighten the Church.


Friday 29th October 1915

It was a very fine day. I went down to the village in the morning to trim the lamps in the Church and helping to prepare the Hall from the evening. The ladies were cutting sandwiches. After lunch Willie took the sulky down to the village and brought the Bishops up here for tea, Mrs John Greenwood was here to help Grace. All of us went down to the Church in the evening, the Church was dedicated by Bishop Averill, 6 persons were confirmed. The church could not contain the congregation, many had to stand outside. After the service the congregation were invited to adjourn to the Hall to welcome the Bishop. The ladies provided supper, speeches were made by the Bishop, Mr Macdonald & myself. The Bishop returned with us to stay the night. The people of this district who were at the service this evening were very much impressed with the Bishop’s address and it will be a pleasant memory to them.


Wednesday 27th October 1915

It was a fine day. Willie finished digging the piece of ground below the house. I was fixing up the WC. In the afternoon I went down to the village, I arranged the seats in the Church for the dedication. Mr Woods sent up by the steamer the Font and Desk for the Church, I got it brought up & put it inside.


Sunday 24th October 1915

It was a very wet day. Wind blowing strong from NE. Revd Mather should have held service in the Claim hall in the afternoon, but on account of the weather there was no service. It went to call at Mr Sadlers in the pm.


Friday 22nd October 1915

It was a fine day. Willie finished ploughing in this orchard. I was working in the flower garden. Went down to the steamer in the pm. Also in the evening to the choir practice. Mr Roose, traveller for Bridgman called when we were having dinner, I gave him a small order.