Sunday 19th September 1915

It rained continuously last night and it was raining this morning when we got up, but cleared up about 9am. The Annual Service in connection with the Bible Class was held in the morning, I attended, but there were very few present on account of the weather. Mrs Rennie sang nicely. Agnes & Arthur came up here for dinner and I intended to hold service in the Church in the afternoon, but it came on to rain again and rained all afternoon so none of us moved out.

Agnes and Arthur staid all night.


Saturday 18th September 1915

It was a fine day. After breakfast I went down for the mail, carried up some sand.

Willie and Grace went down to the Cove to fish and they brought home some rock cods. I dug the piece of ground next to the far fence down to the summer house.


Thursday 16th September 1915

It was a fine day. After breakfast I went down to the beach and sieved two bags of sand and carried them over to the wharf, and Willie who took his eggs down later on carted them up for me. In the evening I went down for the mail and attended the Library.


Wednesday 15th September 1915

It was a very fine day, but as the ground is very wet and not fit for digging Willie and I were cutting tea tree on the farm. In the afternoon I went down to the village, I painted the puriri posts a second coat, got the mail. Received a letter from my brother Henry in England.

Sunday 12th September 1915

Several showers during the day. Revd R. A. Macdonald held service in the Church in the afternoon. It was the first service since the stained glass window has been put in. Congregation 39. Collection 10/-. It rained during the service and during the remainder of the evening.

Saturday 11th September 1915

It was a fine day. Willie was planting Potatoes the upper side of the house.

I was digging in the flower garden.

In the afternoon Grace & I went down to the church to prepare for the service tomorrow. There was a football  match at the Claim in the afternoon and a dance in this hall in the evening but none of us went.