Saturday 21st August 1915

It was a fine day. Willie was cutting tea tree on the farm in the morning, in the afternoon he took the sulky down to the village and brought up 2 Coils of Bail wire. I went down to the Church in the afternoon and tacked down the oilcloth on the floor of the vestry & porch. Grace went down and arranged some flowers in the vases and dusted the furniture. Gracie Knaggs came in the evening and staid the night.


Friday 20th August 1915

It was a very fine day, but the ground is saturated with water. After breakfast I went down to the village to get the mail.

Willie got up to day and was working at the safe. I got firewood. In the evening the Annual Tennis meeting was held, I attended and was elected Chairman of the meeting and President of the Club.


Thursday 19th August 1915

Willie was still in bed with pleurisy. After I had milked the cows in the morning it set in rain and it rained steadily all day, for a period of about 10 hours. I was not able to milk the cows in the evening.


Tuesday 17th August 1915

It was blowing pretty strong from the E. Mr Woods & I went down to the church in the morning, Mr W was fixing the moulding under the caps of the gate posts. I cut and laid the matting in the vestry and porch. In the afternoon Mr Woods left for Auckland having finished all the work in connection with the Church, it is nearly 5 months since he made a start. Willie went up to the School in the afternoon to meet some of the committee to arrange about a new fence between our place and the School paddock.


Sunday 15th August 1915

My 72 birthday.

The wind has calmed down and has changed round more to the N – it was practically a fine day. The new Anglican Church was used for the first time for divine service, Revd Macdonald officiated and I read the two lessons, over 60 were present and the collection was 30/5.


Saturday 14th August 1915

It was fine in the morning but the wind was blowing strong from the NE. I went down to the Church in the morning, was filing things up and cleaning up. Willie took the horse down, he carted Mr Woods tools down to the wharf, he brought up some stone to put at the church door and he took home a lot of short pieces of timber that Mr Woods gave us. Mrs Henry & Mr Macdonald were arranging the alter. I had dinner at Harpers. There was a meeting of the Committee in the Library at 2pm. Mr Macdonald attended. Mr Woods has given up the cottage and he came up to stay with us.


Friday 13th August 1915

It was a fine day. I went down to the Church. I was stopping the nail holes in the pickets, had lunch with Mr Woods. Mrs Henry the lady who has built this Church was driven over from Warkworth & Mrs Macdonald rode over later on.

Mr Woods came in the evening & staid the night.


Thursday 12th August 1915

It was a fine day, I took my dinner and tea down to the village and had my meals with Mr Woods, Mrs Hopkins scrubbed out the Church. I was binding the matting with leather. I got the mail and attended the Library before I went home in the evening.