Sunday 29th August 1915

The wind is blowing very strong from the east.

The Kawau took the Footballers back to Mangawai early this morning and then returned to Auckland, calling in here for passengers.

Mr Baldwin a young Presbyterian student conducted service in this Hall morning and evening. I attended in the morning, afterwards went down to Mr Glass for dinner, called at Mr G Knaggs in the afternoon and afterwards at Jas Greenwoods where I had tea. Willie & Grace attended service in the evening.


Saturday 28th August 1915

It was a fine day. A team of Footballers came in the Kawau from Mangawai to play a match at the Claim against Omaha Club. Willie & Grace walked over to Ti Point to fish and brought home some fish in the evening.

I got firewood and then went down to the Church and finished giving the fence the third coat of paint.

There was a Football dance in the Hall in the evening, which was well attended.


Friday 27th August 1915

It was a fine day. There was a working bee at the Tennis Court making two new courts, the ladies provided afternoon tea.

I went down to the Church in the pm to fix up and fill the lamps. I did some painting. There was a choir practice in the evening and the Church was lit up for the first time. Grace & I attended.


Thursday 26th August 1915

Willie put the wire on the new fence he has erected on the farm to enclose a new paddock. Mr Glass came to help him & I was helping him in the morning. In the afternoon I went down to the Church and was painting the fence. I returned home for tea and in the evening I came down again to get the mail and to attend the Library.


Wednesday 25th August 1915

It was a fine day. I  went down to the beach in the afternoon and carried two bags of sand over to the wharf and Willie brought them up for me in the sulky having brought two boxes of eggs down to send away. The Stained Glass Window arrived by the “Kawau” and John Greenwood brought it up in his waggon and we put it into the vestey.


Sunday 22nd August 1915

It rained last night and this morning, it cleared up but was a dull day and the ground is very wet again. In the afternoon I conducted service in the Church for the first time. There were 30 present. Collection 7/-