Wednesday 30th June 1915

There were a few slight showers, otherwise it was a fine day. The examination for the Sunday School Union was held in the Hall in the afternoon. Grace went down to superintend it.
I went down to the village in the afternoon. Joe brough Minnie & Ernest over to stay with me while Willie & Grace are in Auckland as they are going tomorrow morning.
Len Wyatt came in the evening to see if we could get a military funeral for Angus Matheson.

Tuesday 29th June 1915

The wind has got round to the SW and there is an improvement in the weather, there were two showers in the morning, the remainder of the day was fine.
In the morning I was feeling better so I went down to the village to get the mail, and also to the flat to witness the signature of Peter Louis housekeeper.
I heard in the evening that Angus Matheson Alec Mathesons eldest son had died at 1pm to day in a Wellington Hospital, he was in training in Trentham Camp for the expeditionary force. Also that Jack Birdsall had died in Malta Hospital from wounds received in the Dardenells. I feel much sympathy with the parents of both these young.

Monday 21st June 1915

It was a showery day. After breakfast I went down to the village to see Mr Macdonald before he went away, had a look in at the church.
After I came home I went up on the hill to get some wood, when I was trying to get the sack of wood on my back I strained my back and had to come home and lie down.

Sunday 20th June 1915

It was bright in the morning but it clouded over and there were a few light showers. In the morning I went to enquire after Willie Dunning who I had heard had been laid up with pleurisy. I found him up but far from well, had dinner there and afterwards had a look around the orchard.
In the evening we all went down to the hall for evening service. Revd R. G. Macdonald officiated. Congregation 28. Collection 9/-

Saturday 19th June 1915

It was a showery day. In the morning I went down to the village to get the mail. There was a parcel of new books came by the Steamer last night for the Library, so I went down to the wharf & carried them up to the Library & catalogued them.