Sunday 21st March 1915

It rained heavily last night and it has gone deeply in the ground. Mr Woods came up here for dinner, in the afternoon he and I went down to the Methodist service, Mr Spiers preached here for the last time. After service Mr Woods & I took a walk up to Jim Greenwoods corner and Willie Dunning asked us up to tea and he regaled us with fruit.

Saturday 20th March 1915

The wind which has been blowing strong from the E continued blowing from the same quarter to day and threatening for rain.
I dug over the Diamond bed preparatory to planting Daffodils. In the afternoon I went down to the village and invited Mr Woods who is building the Church to come to dinner to morrow.
Willie & Grace drove to Ti Point in the afternoon.

Friday 19th March 1915

There was a little last night but it was fine to day ‘tho dull. I planted a row of Lachenalia’s also a clump of Cream Fresias, planted out an Indian Pink & Dark Blue Forget menot. It came on to rain in the pm and Willie came from his work before this time.

Thursday 18th March 1915

Willie did not go to work to day as he thought it was too wet so he picked & packed peas. I planted near the front steps White Fresia and two other bulbs that Mrs Williams gave me. In the evening I went down for the mail and attended the Library. There was a meeting of the Ratepayers association.

Wednesday 17th March 1915

St Patrick’s Day.
It was misty and threatening for rain. I planted some yellow Ixias.
In the afternoon I went down to the beach, carried some sand over to the wharf, got the mail. The Church Committee settled the site of the church with Mr Woods. Willie took some fruit down to the wharf in the evening and brought my sand up. It rained in the evening and Willie got wet.

Tuesday 16th March 1915

It rained a little last night but not enough to do much good. After breakfast I went down to the village to post some letters, had a long talk with Mr Woods about the new church. In the afternoon I got manure and took up & re-planted a clump of La Grande Monarque Narcissus.

Monday 15th March 1915

It was a fine day. After breakfast I went down to the Post Office to transact some business and in the afternoon I went down to meet the steamer and get the mail. She was very late in coming in as she called at Waiwera. Mr J. J. Woods the contractor for the new church came up and he is going to live in Ab Wyatts cottage at the corner.

Saturday 13th March 1915

It was a very fine day. After getting firewood I went over to the farm orchard to pick some beans and to do some weeding.
There was a Tennis match on this court in the afternoon between the Leigh and Dacres B teams, Grace played. I staid at home and cooked the dinner for Willie who worked till 4 pm. After milking he went down to the Hall to the dance and to attend a meeting of the Show Committee.

Friday 12th March 1915

There was a slight shower last night but not sufficient to do any good. In the morning I got firewood, in the pm I went down to the village & got the mail, carried up some sand, afterwards pulled up the sweet peas and dug out the convolvulus that was growing amongst it.