Monday 21st December 1914

It was very squally in the morning and scuds of rain. Willie was working at the quarry. I was picking plums all day, the others helped. There were 14 Cases of Tibbitts and 2 of Wrights Early. Willie hauled the 16 Cases down to the wharf in the evening. I went down to the village after tea to get the mail.


Sunday 20th December 1914

It was a fine day. We drove over to the Claim in the morning. We picked up Mrs Simpson at Ti Point School who staid at Flos last night. I spent the day with Jim and Jane. The others spent the day at Bowden Birdsalls. We all drove home in the evening.


Saturday 19th December 1914

It was a very hot day. Willie did not go to the quarry to day. We were all picking plums in the morning. We picked 14 Cases of Tibbitt’s & 3 Cases Wright’s Early and Willie hauled them down to the wharf, the Steamer left here at 11.15 am. Willie was picking plums in the afternoon to send away next week. I planted 2 Cornflowers & 3 Stocks near the arch.

Mrs Simpson walked over to Ti Point in the evening to stay all night.


Thursday 17th December 1914

It was a fine day. In the morning I went over to the farm orchard and planted 1 long row and 2 short rows of Canadian Wonder beans, in the afternoon I fixed up a panel of fence near the front gate, made a sprinkler. In the evening I went down for the mail & attended the Library. There was a meeting of the committee of the ratepayers Assn.


Wednesday 16th December 1914

It was very dull when we got up but it did not rain last night as we thought it would. Willie went to work in the quarry, but it came on to rain steadily and he only worked till 10am and then he came home wet.

As I could not do any work outside I wrote a lot of letters.

Willie hauled his fruit down to the wharf in the afternoon. I went down for the mail. Bertie Witten & his bride came from Auckland by the “Kawau” this afternoon, having only gone to town yesterday, they were married at Pakiri last Monday morning by Revd Spiers (Methodist) of Warkworth.


Monday 14th December 1914

There was a nice rain early this morning which freshened up everything although it did not go very deep into the ground. I planted out some Cornflowers and did other work in the flower garden.

Willie did not go to the quarry to day, but as the ground was moist he planted out Tomatoes, Lettuces, Cabbage & Chou Mollier.


Sunday 13th December 1914

It was a fine day. The late Mr George Knaggs was buried in this Cemetery at 2pm, Revd Spiers (Methodist) conducted the service at the grave. Afterwards he held the usual service in the Hall, there was a  large congregation & he gave us a splendid sermon, Mr Glass presided at the organ and afterwards played the Dead March in (Saul) for Mr Knaggs.


Saturday 12th December 1914

It was a fine day. Duncan Knaggs came in the morning to get me to go down to the Cemetery to measure out a piece for his father’s grave, so I went down. Willie was spraying in this orchard in the morning and in the pm he picked some Plums & took them to Steamer. In the afternoon I stuck the 3rd row of Peas in the farm orchard.