Wedneday 21st October 1914

It was a very fine day. Willie was digging in the farm orchard in the morning, I was writing letters and afterwards I went to the farm orchard to help Willie dig out sorrell. In the afternoon Willie took his butter & eggs down to the steamer. I also went down & sieved some sand and Willie hauled it up for me.

Grace & Willie went to Mr Glass in the evening.


Tuesday 20th October 1914

It was a very fine day. In the morning I was helping Willie loosening the ground between the Potatoes we finished them before dinner.

In the afternoon Willie took the horse down to the wharf and hauled up  25 lbs of fowl  feed that came yesterday.

I sowed a row of Sweat Peas near the summer house, also seeds of 10 Weck Stock pot saved seed. Planted out 6 Caliopsis, 2 Verbenas, 1 Light Pelargoniums, 1 Double Pink Godetia, 1 Dimiophotheca.


Monday 19th October 1914

It was a very fine day. Wind SE. Willie was flat hoeing between the Potatoes in the garden & in the pig’s paddock, I was loosening & breaking lumps round the potatoes & round the young apple trees. I got firewood, also soil from the other side of the hill, planted 2 Verbenas. Went down to the wharf in the afternoon when the steamer arrived, 2 big horses and a dray came down for Archie Dunning to be used on his contract for carting metal.


Sunday 18th October 1914

It rained during the night and early this morning, but cleared up later in the morning, the wind changed round to SW and blew strong. We had an early dinner and Charlie Dunning gave me a ride home in the cream cart as far as his place, when I arrived home I found that Grace & Willie had gone out in the sulky first to H Torkingtons and then to Jim’s. After I got home I went to Mr Glass’, had a look round his orchard and staid there for tea.


Saturday 17th October 1914

It was fine in the morning. In the morning Willie was digging in the farm orchard, in the afternoon he went fishing. In the morning I picked out young seedling plants into boxes of the following. Duilled Aster, Yen-weak Strek & 4 varieties of Wallflowers.

In the afternoon I gathered a bunch of flowers and walked over to the Claim, the opening of the Tennis season was held on the courts in the Domain, a general invitation was given and a great number attended, soon after I got there it came over very black and it commenced to rain and continued all evening, we had to adjourn to the Hall for tea at 4.30, at 6.30 they commenced dancing and kept it up till 11.30pm. I staid at Jim’s, we left the Hall at 11pm.


Friday 16th October 1914

It was a fine day and very calm. In the morning I went to the farm orchard, got some more pea sticks and finished sticking the second row of Peas and afterwards I dug up between the rows.

After dinner Willie & I went down to the wharf when the steamer arrived got the mail, carried up some sand. After I came home I planted out several Caliopsis Dummeonde near the summer house, after that I cut the grass under the eve of the lower side of the house and put the Dahlia roots there to shoot. Willie was digging in the farm orchard.

Thursday 15th October 1914

It commenced to rain in the middle of the night and rained steadily until after we were up, but the rain was not very heavy and has not moistened the roughly dug ground, and there  were a few slight showers during the day. Willie planted some Pumpkins in the farm orchard.

The “Kawau” made a round trip to day. I went down to meet her in the pm and Willie carried down a box of Eggs. I brought up a bag of sand.

I also went down to the village in the evening to get the mail and to attend the Library. There was a meeting of the Show Committee in the evening. Willie who is a member attended.

I sowed seeds of 4 varieties of Jamaica Cornflower in the same box that I grew the others in.

Wednesday 14th October 1914

It was a very fine day. After breakfast I went down to the village to get a PO Order for   £5.0.0 to send to Mr Goertz as our half yearly guarantee to the Anglican church funds, called at Mr Gravatts. After I came home I sowed seeds of Blue Larkspur near the summer house. In the afternoon I commenced to stick the Peas in the farm orchard. Willie was digging in the farm orchard all day.


Tuesday 13th October 1914

It was a fine day. Willie was digging in the farm orchard. I was planting the seedling plants that I received last night, namely 6 Scarlet Salvias, 6 Aquilegias. 4 Delphinians, 5 Penstemon. 6 Mimumulus. 16 Phlox. Grace sowed some Sunflower seeds below the wire netting fence.


Monday 12th October 1914

There were several small showers in the morning but not sufficient to do much good. I was working in the flower garden all day. I planted out alongside the wire netting fence 29 Sweet Pea plants that I raised in beef tins, I also sowed some Sweat Pea seed. In the pm I was preparing places for plants that I have ordered from Yates.

Willie was digging in the farm orchard and in the evening he went down for the mail and brought up a parcel of seedling plants for me which I had ordered from Yates’ by last Saturday’s mail.