Monday 31st August 1914

It was a fine day but very dull, I was digging up the long bed. In the afternoon I took Mrs Charlie Wyatt some pansy plants and she gave me some plants, after I got home I planted those she gave me namely 2 Pink Mallows, 6 Larkspurs, 2 Antirrhinum & 1 White Chrysanthemum. News came through today that the first expeditionary NZ force that left Wellington proceeded to Samoa and took it assisted by men of wars.

Sunday 30th August 1914

It was a fine day but very dull. Revd Perry (Presbyterian) held service in the morning, I attended. Afterwards I went to Mr Ja’ Greenwoods for lunch, in the afternoon Mr & Mrs G & I walked up the hill to see the new road through Arthur Greenwood’s land. We went to Arthur’s place for tea, on my way home I called into Mr Dunnings and had supper there.

Willie, Grace & Mrs Simpson went down to Charlie Wyatts for tea.

Thursday 27th August 1914

It was a very fine day. Willie & I went down to the wharf after breakfast, we shifted some of the ground lime and put it into the old shed, the remainder of the lime that Mr Murray is getting from Te Kuiti was landed from the “Kawau” yesterday. Willie hauled up 4 bags of lime for me. I carried up a bag of sand.

The remainder of the day I was digging round the newly planted roses.

In the evening I went down for the mail & attended the Library.

In the afternoon Willie & Grace walked to Ti Point & they brought Mrs Simpson home.

Wednesday 26th August 1914

It was a very fine day, I limed the diamond rose bed, also dug up the bed near the front door. Willie was planting the Lemon Trees in the farm orchard. I went down to the steamer, got my mail carried up some sand.


Tuesday 25th August 1914

It was a very fine day, Willie & I went down to the wharf a bundle of Lemon trees which was on board the Kawau was only landed today, Willie Hauled it home, also two bags of ground lime for me. Mr Murray is getting 6 tons of ground lime from Te Kuiti and I am taking ½ ton. I carried up some sand.

Willena Neeley & Maggie McDevitt were here for dinner, I gave them some flower plants.

Willie was planting some of his trees. I dug up the diamond rose bed using bonedust & fowl manure. I used some of the lime on the freshly turned up ground.

I went to Willie Dunnings in the evening.

Monday 24th August 1914

It was a fine day. In the morning I was cutting tea tree on the road outside our place in front. In the afternoon I was working in the flower garden and then went down to the steamer to get the mail.

Saturday 22nd August 1914

Willie took the horse down to the wharf to bring up some oats that came by the steamer last night, he hauled two bags of sand up for me. Late in the afternoon I walked over to the Claim and staid the night at Jims, he was away at a football match at Matakana between the boys of that place and Omaha when we arrived, when he returned home he reported that Seymour Smith who plays for Matakana broke his leg while playing.