Saturday 19th October 1918

There was no rain to speak of to day, but it rained heavily last night and the ground was very wet so that I could not dig.  Willie was making appliances for the chickens.  As I could not dig or plant I was not idle.  I remarked the rose labels, applied liquid manure to the roses and put manure round them,  got firewood from the hill for the kitchen & my room,  collected up manure.


Friday 18th October 1918

It did not rain during the day but it was dull and looked threatening, wind strong from W.  Willie was working at his chicken yards.  I dug between the crops the top side of the house .  Burned some oyster shells.  Went down to meet the steamer in the afternoon as Grace was going to send a parcel down by Dan Kempt.

Last Wednesday evening after the “Kawau” left here for Auckland, Frank Witten and his eldest boy went out in a sailing boat to meet the “Kawau” steamer in the Kawau passage and it is supposed that the boat was upset by a squall of wind  and that Frank and his son were drowned as the boat came ashore bottom up the next morning, search has been made for the bodies without success, he leaves a widow and 7 children living at Matakana.


Thursday 17th October 1918

It was a very fine day.  Willie went down to J. C. Wyatts and brought up 110 White Leghorn chickens just of the incubator which he bought for 5d  each.  100 @ 5d   £2 . 1 . 8   the 10 extra ones were chucked in ,  he put them into the store for the present.  I resowed the Pale Dun & Canadian Wonder that the slugs had eaten ,  also sowed a row of Red Beet,  and dug up the piece of ground I intend to plant in Tomatoes.  I went down for the mail in the evening.


Wednesday 16th October 1918

It was a fine day, but it rained again last night and everything was very wet this morning.  I got firewood on the hill, cut down and put a handle to a benzene tin, went down to the village in the afternoon to post a letter to my son Henry and also one to Mr Goertz containing an order for £5 being our half yearly guarantee to the Anglican Church.  Willie was putting the finishing touches to the brooders and chicken yards , in the pm he took the sulky down to the wharf with 20 Doz Eggs and 20 lb  butter and brought up fowl grit.


Tuesday 15th October 1918

It rained heavily last night and when we got up this morning the new tank was full and running over,  it did not rain but the ground was very wet, but a strong W wind blew which dried up the ground a little, but blew the vegetables about.

Willie was making his brooder & chicken yards.  Charlie Wyatt came in the afternoon to get my signature.  Mrs A. Dunning also called.
I fixed the punga near the summer house and planted a Lobelia in it.

Sowed seeds of Cenaurea Iperalis, and pricked out Tomatoes in a box.  I went down to spend the evening at Mr Archie Dunnings,  Willie D  was also there and we played at Five Hundred.


Monday 14th October 1918

Wind still blowing strong from E, steady rain nearly all day.  Willie was making the brooders for the chickens he has ordered from J. C. Wyatts incubator.  I hollowed out a punga to plant a Lobelia in, also wrote a long letter to my son Henry.


Saturday 12th October 1918

The steamer did not come last night on account of the easterly wind, but she came this morning and proceeded to Mangawai calling in here again in the afternoon at 3.30.  The wind is still easterly, but has moderated.   It was a fine day.  I sowed seeds of Mina Lobata in a flower pot, also seeds in the border of Zinnia Elegans & Portulaca  (Abrahams seeds),  also planted 2 Stocks and 1 Candituft.

Keith Entwisle returned to Auckland in the steamer, Grace & Raymond also went to Auckland,  Willie drove them down to the wharf  and he brought up 3 bags of sand for me.


Friday 11th October 1918

It was a fine day, the wind is blowing strong from SE.  The ground is too wet to dig.  I planted about 40 Pansy plants round the edge of the long bed.  Willie put the tank on to the stand and fixed spouting to lead the water into the tank.