Sunday 21st April 1918

It rained steadily all day, it cleared up a little in the afternoon just before church time, I went down to the church, but there were only 10 present, Revd Macdonald gave us a very good sermon.  Collection 7/5


Saturday 20th April 1918

There were some showers during the day.  After breakfast Willie went down to the Post Office, he posted the letter I wrote yesterday to Joe Greenwood and Lily, he brought up my watch which had come by the mail, from Kohns.

In the afternoon Willie was mending the fence between the barley paddock & the front.  I was putting up parcels of Daffodil bulbs for Mr Macdonald & Lily, I took some down in the afternoon to Mona Wyatt and Irene Wyatt.


Friday 19th April 1918

 It was a showery day.  I did no work outside as my cold was rather bad, I busied myself in writing letters, I wrote some local Par’s for the Times, a letter of condolence to Mr & Mrs Joseph Greenwood on the death of their son Elliott, and a long letter to my daughter in law Lily at Te Araroa.


Thursday 18th April 1918

It rained early in the morning, but it did not turn out such a bad day.  Charlie Wyatt was going to drill the seed & manure into the ploughed ground, but he thought the ground would be too wet.
I sowed seeds in boxes of the following.  Antirrhinum,  Canditult  &  Centaurea.

In the afternoon Willie was mending the trap, I was digging out convolvulus round an apple tree in the pigs paddock.  Grace went down for the mail in the evening, she heard there that Elliot Greenwood had been killed in action at the Western Front.


Wednesday 17th April 1918

Showery in the morning.  Fine in the afternoon.  Willie took the cart down to the wharf in the afternoon to meet the steamer, the seed & manure for the ploughed ground came, but he left it in the shed and brought up groceries, and a bag of sand for me. I took a bunch of flowers to Mrs Gravatt, collected her church guarantee and then went down to the steamer, she was very late in arriving and it was getting dark when Willie & I got home.


Tuesday 16th April 1918

It was a fine day.  Jim Wyatt was disc harrowing the ploughed ground in front.  Willie was pulling, cutting and burning tea tree at the bottom of the barley paddock next the ploughing.  In the morning I filled 3 shallow boxes with soil ready to sow with flower seeds.  In the afternoon I was helping Willie pulling tea tree.


Monday 15th April 1918

There was a heavy shower in the morning, it was fine in the afternoon.  Willie took the horse down and was helping Jim Wyatt board and harrow the ploughed ground in the front.
In the morning I was making some shallow seed boxes, in the afternoon I was digging round the young apple tree in the pigs paddock.  In the evening Willie went down for the mail.


Sunday 14th April 1918

It was very fine in the morning, so I started off for Ti Point calling in at Mr Ashworth on my way.  While there it came on a big shower which lasted an hour, so I had to stay until it was over, then I continued my walk to Mr Duncan Knaggs where I had dinner and had a look round the flower garden, then I went on to Joe Torkingtons, had tea there, and got home just before dark.  While I was away they had company.  Ermest Wyatt was here for dinner and Mr & Mrs Arthur Greenwood were here for tea.


Saturday 13th April 1918

It was a fine day.  Willie took the cart down to the wharf in the morning with a load of fruit and carted up 1 Sk Sharps, 1 Sk Bran and the sand that I collected yesterday.

Mr & Mrs Glass left to day at 11 am in the “Kawau” their many friends were down to see them off.

Jim Wyatt was discing the ploughed ground in front.  Willie took Prince down to work with Jim’s horses.  I dug over the three cornered bed and afterwards went down below to break the lumps on the ploughed.

Friday 12th April 1918

It was a very fine day.  Jim Wyatt commenced to harrow & disc the ploughed ground in the front.  Willie was down there all day and I was there in the morning pulling up tea tree on the ploughed ground.  In the pm I went down to the beach & sieved some sand & carried it over to the wharf.