Thank Yous

We’d like to say some big “Thank Yous” to …

  • Our support crew, Brendan and Keith – for having to put up with the demands of 4 control freaks is no easy job! They went all out to keep us happy, attending to our every whim and even (nearly) managed to follow our instructions (just about) to the letter. Also for their support in the months leading up to the event … Keith for being chief child minder for the Charlton household in Karlene’s training absences and Brendan for joining us on our training walks and helping us through the hard bits!
  • Oxfam – for organising such a fantastic, inspirational event. Everything ran like clockwork. The trails were very well marked and it was so great to have markers at every kilometer.
  • The volunteers – even in the middle of the night these guys were out there to guide the way and to give us a little moral support (and Easter eggs) when we needed it.
  • All the grandparents who looked after the junior Charltons and junior Hoopers before, during and after the event. You guys really made it possible for us to do this, and it was great to know we didn’t have to worry about our children while we were away!
  • Training walk transporters who drove us to the start or picked us up from the end of our training walks … and even those who delivered misplaced car keys or conveniently left vehicles in places where we needed them to cut short training walks :-)
  • The pep talkers and commenters who were at their phones and PCs, entertaining and encouraging us day and night for 100km on Endomondo and Facebook.
  • And finally all our supporters – both financial and moral – who showed they were with us all the way in our mission to Challenge Ourselves and Challenge Poverty.