Tweets from the Trail

Friday 3:58 pm

Friday 6:10 pm
Pita pit for dinner, yum. 37 Horomatangi St.

Saturday 5:54 am
Waiting anxiously at the start line eating toasted bagels. 0km
Saturday 6:02 am
Across the start line
Saturday 7:58 am
Got to the top of the first hill had a toilet stop 7km
Saturday 8:29 am
Ten percent done 10km
Saturday 9:11 am
I spy… looking forward to pancakes & coffee

Saturday 9:41 am
16km leg 1 complete, breakfast on its way.

Saturday 10:45 am
Thanks girl guides.!

Saturday 11:11 am
it’s a hot one! 19km

Saturday 11:27 am
A fifth of the way there 20km
Saturday 11:45 am
is walk tweeting on the list of hazards?

Saturday 11:54 am
Pine forest hazards 22km

Saturday 12:13 pm
Rewarded with views of Taupo

Saturday 12:34 pm
Highest point 24km

Saturday 12:51 pm
Past the quarter way mark 25km
Saturday 1:48 pm
Lunch spread at checkpoint 2. 29km

Saturday 3:25 pm
Happy to be in the shade of the forest. 33km third of the way. Loving those fractions.

Saturday 3:39 pm
34km is further than we have ever walked in the course of a day Entering the pain zone.
Saturday 3:50 pm
Looking out for geothermal hazards.

Saturday 4:46 pm

Saturday 5:42 pm
Nearly ready to leave checkpoint 3. 40km
Saturday 6:23 pm
Looking forward to the half way mark 42km

Saturday 6:27 pm
One marathon completed 42km
Saturday 6:28 pm

Sunday 12:12 am
Passed 60km mark and it’s a new day
Sunday 3:51 am
Have now been awake for 24 hours. Second time past Huka Falls but haven’t seen them yet. 72km
Sunday 4:16 am
Three quarters of the way 75km
Sunday 5:54 am
Good morning Taupo and hello aid station 80km
Sunday 7:19 am
Double marathon complete. 84km

Sunday 9:31 am
Hobbling out of checkpoint 6. 86km
Sunday 10:06 am
Waikato River Trail 89km
Sunday 10:29 am
Tortured by hills up and down at 90km
Sunday 10:41 am
The elusive Huka Falls, third time lucky. 91km

Sunday 11:14 am
We just looked at a lady funny when she wished us good morning. Forgetting we are in our own time zone today! 92km
Sunday 11:52 am
93km – longest one yet. Someone’s been playing with the time space continuum.
Sunday 11:59 am
94km ouchy feet, ouchy legs
Sunday 12:14 pm
#95 and we’re still alive…. Just.
Sunday 1:16 pm
We’re on our way 96km
Sunday 1:28 pm
#97 … Finishing will be heaven.
Sunday 1:46 pm
#98 ain’t that great
Sunday 2:00 pm
#99 and feeling fine.. well we will be after 1 more k.
Sunday 2:21 pm
100km wahoo, all done in 33 hours 12 minutes

Monday 8:29 am
It’s not easy to remove yourself from the top bunk of a campervan the day after a 100 km walk.
Monday 8:31 am
Team members are being overtaken by old men with zimmer frames on the way to the toilets this morning.
Monday 10:26 am

Monday 11:46 am
Our support crew gets all the sh!t jobs.

Monday 1:03 pm
After a relaxing morning engrossed in social media we are on or way back home. Thanks for having us Taupo.
Monday 10:35 pm
Goodnight team & fantastic supporters! When does registration open 4 Ox Trailwalker 2015.. Just need to toughen legs & blisterproof feet -)